1958 - 60th Reunion (May 31 - June 3, 2018)

60th Reunion

May 31 - June 1, 2018

Jonathan Edwards College

Dear Classmate:

            First it was a note from Joel Schiavone asking about your pro bono and public service activities. Then you received a note from Messrs. Bull, Palmer, and Waterbury asking about your commemoration of our 60 years of baccalaureate bliss. Now come Messrs. Hogen and Travers asking about . . . YOU.

            Yes, its still about our 60th Reunion, but in this case it's about inviting, enticing, cajoling, even persuading you to join us in New Haven from May 31 to June 3, 2018.

            Many of you will simply ask “where and how do I register?” Don’t worry—Yale will take care of that in March with schedules, costs, and registration materials.

            Some will be less impulsive. ”I’d like to come if I’m able, but remind me what a reunion’s all about.” A bit of info is below, and more—much more—is coming.

            And a few, a very few, we hope, will offer the seasonal equivalent of “Bah! Humbug!” We urge these classmates to respond with their reasons, so that we may better structure our 65th, 70th, and 75th reunions accordingly to tantalize their attendance.

            In addition to lucullan food and drink (Yale’s food service has come a long way from chipped beef and post-WWII mess kits), our 60th reunion really has three components.

            First is the university itself. We’ll have ample opportunities to learn from Yale faculty, students, and campus leaders, starting Thursday afternoon with conversation with a well-known Yale figure (unidentified because as of now unsigned) and continuing through the weekend.

            Second, we can continue to learn from our classmates, whose experiences and insights encompass myriad areas of mutual interest. We’ve relied on each other’s provocations for 13 prior reunions—and we’ve still got a lot left!

            Third, of course, is the constant, un-programmed discovery and rediscovery among classmates, spouses, and companions of old recollections and new ideas, of shared and unshared interests and experience—at meals, between panel discussions, and just plain hanging out.

            So here’s the “so what?” part of this letter—what you need to do:

            • Mark your calendars, check your credit-card air-miles, and do whatever long-range planning that’s appropriate.

            • Contact roommates, suitemates, teammates, and any other mates you admit to and ask them to join you in New Haven next May.

            In the spring we’ll send a specific schedule and ask about your attendance plans. Meanwhile, please use the link on the left to pre-register and let us know you are coming.

            Our best wishes for the holidays,

            Tim Hogen, Class Secretary      Linus Travers, Reunion Chair

            P.S. Our reunion theme is “service.”