1967 - 50th Reunion (June 1-4, 2017)

50th Reunion June 1 – 4, 2017

Dear Yale ’67 Classmates and Friends,

Our 50th Yale College reunion begins Thursday, June 1, 2017, with Davenport College as our Reunion headquarters.

Some of you have never been back for a reunion before; many have been to some; a stalwart few have attended all. But now is your turn to join your classmates for this very special reunion. This is also a time when we want to urge our class widows to join us at our celebration, as guests of the class.  

Traditionally, 50th Yale College reunions are among the largest – in attendance, events, and intensity. Like all reunions, they are a mix of nostalgia, reconnections, and, surprisingly, friendships newly made. The 25th and 50th begin new chapters. And while a 50th college reunion sounds somewhat old, remember: Yale has formal reunions through the 65th. So there are more chapters to write.

Yale forecasts, based on our previous reunion attendance and the history of 50th reunions, that 730 will attend, of which 412 will be classmates. You will want to be part of this group and hopefully even help us surpass these projections.     

You will be able to check in at Davenport as early as 1 pm on Thursday. The Reunion Committee is planning events to begin that afternoon at 3 pm, first a panel discussion in Sprague Hall by our Class Book editors (Mike Kail, Frank Clifford, Rick Luis, and Bob Miller) on what they learned about our class during this massive undertaking, followed in late afternoon by a cocktail party in what we are hoping will be a very special location, and followed by dinner at Davenport.

Our Memorial Service, 50th Reunion Class Dinner and ’67 Whiffenpoof concert at Sprague Hall will all take place on Friday, with dinner in Commons and greetings from President Salovey.   Friday will also feature a discussion of Kingman Brewster and Yale, led by Geoffrey Kabaservice, author of The Guardians: Kingman Brewster and the Rise of the Liberal Establishment. Sam Chauncey, Brewster’s right-hand man, will participate. On Saturday we will have classmate presentations, a cocktail party at the Yale Art Gallery and our final dinner in the Davenport courtyard.  You will not want to miss classmate John Mauceri’s presentation of Broadway show music, “From Gershwin to Hamilton.” There will also be plenty of time to visit.

For the past several months the focus has been on creating our 50th Reunion Class Book. Many of you received calls urging you to participate. You responded. More than 500 classmates wrote essays for our book, with even more providing contact information and pictures. The Class Book will be sent to all of you next spring prior to the reunion. It should be fun to read as a way to renew friendships and inspire new ones. We are sure it will entice you to join your classmates at the Reunion. 

For now, please mark your calendars for Thursday, June 1 to Sunday, June 4 and let us know you are coming by clicking on the "Pre-Register Now" button on the left. This is not a firm commitment but rather an expression of your intention; it will help others to decide that they want to come.

And as time passes be sure to check the reunion website periodically, or our class website (www.yale67.org), to see the roster of those who plan to attend. Registration itself will be next Spring. You will then be able then to make reservations to stay at Davenport or at Baker Hall (formerly Swing Space) near Payne Whitney Gym. Some have opted for nearby hotels.

Please place these dates on your calendar and let us know now if you think you will be coming. Your classmates will want to know!

Regards and Boola, Boola!

Thomas R. Gottshall
Reunion Chair

Joseph C. Briley
Class Secretary

Peter J. Petkas
Class Treasurer