1973 - 45th Reunion (May 31 - June 3, 2018)



Dear Classmate,

As a recent, unexpected Nobel Laureate told us in what became an anthem for our generation, “The times, they are a changing . . .”

Truer words could not have been written—or sung—about our time at Yale. We, perhaps more than any other class in Yale’s history, were the catalyst of Change—the men and women who transformed Yale in so many ways.

When Kingman Brewster and his inner circle of advisors made the historic decision to change admissions policies, there were many who questioned their wisdom. History shows that our class did them proud. We changed forever the profile of a Yale student—including the first-ever women admitted as freshmen—and we energized the university with our free-spirited exuberance, our passions and our optimism that we could make the world a better place. Oh, the hubris of youth! But the truth is, we did something truly extraordinary. All told, together we helped spark a revolution that changed society—and Yale—in ways that continue to resonate today.

That’s something for all of us to celebrate.

So, as happens every five years, we’re inviting you back to New Haven for our 45th class reunion on the weekend of May 31-June 3, 2018. For many of you, the event is already something you really look forward to attending. It’s a chance to take a moment away from the demands of our everyday routine, to share and reflect on who we were and the journey that’s brought us to who we are.

But we recognize that there are a lot of you who haven’t attended a reunion in the past because you think “Meh—this isn’t my thing.” This time around, we really hope you’ll change your mind.

We’ve heard a lot of the reasons for not coming: “I didn’t feel I belonged at Yale.” . . . “I won’t know anyone.” . . . “I haven’t been as successful in life as my classmates.” You’re not alone in this. But it’s not the important stuff.

Think of this reunion as a “Come As You Are” party. That’s what mattered back then, when we all arrived with different backgrounds and circumstances. And that’s what matters now. We all started this crazy journey into adult life together. We’ve all experienced triumphs and setbacks—just as every generation does. (Hey, the Millennials are so familiar with “failure” that they’ve coined a new term for it—they don’t “fail”, they “pivot”.)

Which is to say, whether you pivot or pirouette or peregrinate, please come to New Haven. The upcoming reunion will be a chance to reconnect with the people who made you laugh when you felt like crying. It will be a chance to rediscover Yale, and all the exciting changes and evolutions that come with each new class of students. It will be a chance to reflect on the past, the present and the future. It will be a chance to celebrate our shared experience.

And for us, the members of the Class of 1973, that shared experience is something profoundly special.

So come as you are. Drive to New Haven in your beat-up Beetle, fly in your snazzy G-5, ride on your Harley, hop on Metro North. Wear jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts, toss on khakis and a polo shirt, dress up in Saville Row suits or swanky silk and pearls. But do come. You’ll have a good time.

You’ll be hearing more details from us in the coming months on the special schedule of activities that are being planned for the class. Click here to help with the planning process, build class excitement, and to  and let us know if you will be attending! On the official reunion website at http://aya.yale.edu/reunions, you will also find additional information to assist with your travel plans to New Haven, accessibility and accommodations on campus as well as links to local area hotels. As details becomes available in the winter of 2018 please be sure to revisit the reunion website for updates regarding the Class of 1973’s Reunion program highlights, Morning at Yale, Friday lectures, the President’s University update, all-class events, and the wide variety of campus gatherings and cultural house receptions held throughout the weekend. For reunion-specific questions please contact the Reunion information line at (203) 432-2110 (weekdays, 8:30 am – 5 pm EST) or via email at reunions@yale.edu

And you’ll also be hearing separately from our fellow classmates who are leading the Reunion Gift Committee on why our contributions today are so important in ensuring that Yale can offer future students the same extraordinary educational opportunities and experiences that we received.

We really look forward to seeing all of you “as you are” next spring!

Nina Glickson, Co-Chair

Brian Wynn, Co-Chair

Andrea DaRif, Class Secretary

Al Shamash, Class Treasurer