1988 - 30th Reunion (May 24-27, 2018)


Yale Class of 1988 - 30th Reunion - May 24 -27, 2018

To the Esteemed Class of 1988 –

We’re baaaaaaaaack!

As hard as it may be to believe, it has been nearly five years since our blowout 25th reunion. Doing the math, that means that our 30th reunion must be fast-approaching, and a quick check with AYA confirms that that is indeed the case -- the 30th reunion for the Great Class of 1988 is scheduled for May 24 - 27, 2018 (Memorial Day Weekend) on the much-more-beautiful-than-when-we-were-there Yale campus.

Much has changed in the world and no doubt for each of us since we last gathered in 2013 (and even since many of us gathered just two years ago to ring in the big FIVE-OH in NYC). Hopefully what hasn’t changed are the strong bonds and warm memories built during our time together in the seemingly-forever-ago 1980s (Eurthymics and The Breakfast Club anyone??). We hope that you will join us for this next gathering, to reconnect with the people who knew you when, meet even more great people you somehow never met back then, and generally share the chance to surround yourself with such an extraordinary group of classmates experiencing and navigating the twists and turns of life in our early 50s.(!?!)

As always, we want everyone to feel included and welcomed. We have broken records for attendance time and time again, and we expect to break the record for a 30th reunion!  Financial aid will be available when reunion registration opens in March.

So please block your calendars and plan to be there! Your reunion committee is already hard at work planning a great event, but the more the merrier, so please reach out to any one of us if you would like to join the reunion planning team.

While the official registration will not open until early next year, please click the pre-registration button to indicate that you plan to attend:

There’s a lot more information to come between now and May, but here are a few details to get you started:

  • Carter Brooks has again graciously offered to coordinate a display of classmate artwork and published     books.  Please email him at carter@carterbrooks.com to coordinate what you’d like to display.
  • To keep us on the dance floor, Charley Joyner and Kevin Kiernan will re-live their DJ’ing days playing our favorite tunes from the ‘80s and beyond.
  • We have a few program ideas for which we’d like your feedback, so please take a moment to answer this quick 3 question survey: www.surveymonkey.com/r/8Y8x30. The survey will close on November 27th.

That’s all for now. To quote the late, great David Bowie: “Commencing countdown, engines on ….”

See you in May!

Your Reunion Chairs

Ursula Burton

Julie Heller

Sanford Stark

Colin Weil