1992 - 25th Reunion (May 25-28, 2017)

25th Reunion May 25 - 28, 2017

"Come as you are....."

Dear Classmates,

Our 25th Reunion will be here sooner than you think! Our theme for this reunion is “Come as you are.” What do we mean by that? (And are you hearing Nirvana in your head as you read it?)  For all of us, our time at Yale had a profound impact on who we are, but the years since 1992 have marked us in many different ways. Whether you have been back to every reunion or haven’t been back yet, whether your life today is as you envisioned it would be, not as you envisioned, or somewhere in between, we all have stories and experiences to share and a common ground in our years at Yale. Our 25th reunion will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends and a chance to meet new friends, and we hope you are excited to attend.  

We are planning a great reunion with Old Campus as our home base. We’ll have casual lunches under the tent in Old Campus, cocktails on Beinecke Plaza, our class dinner in Commons on Saturday night, and socializing and dancing under the tent in Old Campus on Friday and Saturday nights.  We are organizing class speakers and panels, and you can also choose from among great faculty lectures, tours of the campus and museums, and concerts. Plus, there will be plenty of activities for families. For those who do not want to stay in a hotel, housing will be available on Old Campus with plenty of room for all (reservations open in the Spring).

More information will follow, but for now we would like you to do three things:

1. If you think you will attend, please click the   While you're there, go ahead and update your contact information.

2. Please complete the reunion survey by December 15th.  It should only take 5 minutes and getting your input will help us create the reunion you want.

3. Reconnect with friends, roommates, fellow singers, actors, artists, athletes, mathletes, scientists and any other pals, and encourage them to attend. There are plenty of reasons to attend, but knowing an old friend will be there is one of the most compelling! Don't wait to hear from them – tell them you’ll be at the reunion and invite them. On a related note, if you are already a member of our Facebook group, please take a minute and add your friends from the Class of ’92. If you’re not a member, please join us!

To raise the stakes a bit, we have also assigned attendance teams for each residential college who will be contacting each of you – and the college with the best attendance will win a prize. So far, Davenport has been talking a lot of trash…

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

We look forward to seeing all of you in May!

Your Reunion Team,

Kathy Butler & Andrea Martin, Co-Chairs

Nisha Desai & Jim Sciutto, Programming Committee