1993 - 25th Reunion (May 24-27, 2018)

We are: the Yale Class of 1993.

We are: mothers, fathers, partners and friends. We are: overachieving, underachieving, thrilled with how it all turned out, bummed that we still don’t yet know. We are: voters, believers and skeptics. We are: reporting, creating, investing, protesting, researching, parenting, writing, teaching, inventing and reinventing. We are: on “the couch,” on the sauce, on the mend and on the up and up. We are: loved and lonesome, overwhelmed and overjoyed. We are: who we are, where we are and how we are and…

…no matter what, we are celebrating Yale’s Class of 1993 25th Reunion!!

From May 24th-27th , please join old friends and new, to celebrate all that we are. Bring yourself, your kids, husband, wife, partner or prospect, and reconnect with your time at Yale. Let’s take another step forward together with the people and experiences that will take us to where we are next headed and celebrate all that we are as the Class of 1993. 

Our weekend will be fun-filled with social gatherings, intellectual convenings and family activities. But, to make sure we program the gatherings, convenings and activities you want to be part of, we need your help. 

Please fill out the short questionnaire below and share with us what is going to make you excited about heading to New Haven, letting your guard down and getting your party on. If you have an idea for a screening, series, or scavenger hunt; a roundtable, round robin, road race, or reading; a playlist, play group, play date or play mate; a menu, meeting, mayhem or meditation circle; share it with us in the questionnaire. With you, we will program a stimulating and scintillating weekend. 


Here are a few other requests: 

If you are coming, pre-register. (Click the tab on the left) If you’re wavering, tell us why. 

If you’ve pre-registered, tell your friends. Speaking of friends, join our Facebook page.

If you want to help, tell us. If you need help, ask us. 

We are excited to be your reunion chairs and, with you, to be helping make this reunion our best yet. 

So, are you coming to reunion in New Haven, next May? 

We are!!

Eduardo A. Braniff (eabraniff@mac.com), 25th Reunion Co-Chair 

Teresa Cisneros Burton (tacburton@gmail.com), 25th Reunion Co-Chair

Jess Goldman (jessica.goldman@gmail.com), 25th Reunion Co-Chair