2002 - 15th Reunion (May 25-28, 2017)

Let’s Reunite ’02!

Our Yale College 15th reunion is May 25th-28th and it is shaping up to be an AMAZING gathering celebrating our times at Yale and beyond. Over Memorial Day Weekend 2017 you will experience…

A fabulous party, guaranteed – good music, great food, & generous libations

A chance to catch up with your favorite people and renew old friendships

A time to revisit the things that made our time at Yale great: lectures by star professors, museum tours, discussion groups, inspiring classmates, wandering through the library…A networking opportunity with other Yale alumni classes sharing our reunion weekend

A chance to establish new friendships with folks you somehow missed as an undergrad If you have children / a significant other, a chance for them to share the Yale experience.

We’re talking memories here folks.  So what do you need to do right now?

RSVP and Spread the Word 
As you make your mind up to attend (we know you will!) RSVP online, then be sure to check the attendance list on the site and connect with your classmates to encourage them to come as well! If you would like to take your involvement one step further and help us build attendance by serving as a Reunion College Captain, please fill out this short survey (thank you):


Revel and Connect 
Join our Yale Class of 2002 Facebook page for updates and pay attention to your ’02 emails for details on class festivities. We don’t want ANYONE left out; if you think you might need some help with costs, financial assistance will be available from the AYA on a confidential basis when registration for Reunion starts this spring. So don't let costs deter you from marking your calendars now.

We want to hear from you!  In order to make this reunion truly extraordinary, we need your input, participation and opinions!  Feel free to contact any of the Reunion chairs listed below. 

We can’t wait to see you in New Haven Memorial Day weekend 2017!!!

Candace Green  - candace.green@gmail.com
Morgan Swing - morgswing@gmail.com  
Manish Vora - manish.vora@gmail.com
Garrett Wheeler  - gbwheeler@gmail.com