Camp Bulldog


Camp Bulldog Basics


Camp Bulldog Basics

What is Camp Bulldog? Camp Bulldog is Yale College Reunions’ child care program. It runs for three separate sessions during first reunion weekend only.

Who runs Camp Bulldog? Camp Bulldog is run by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of work-site childcare, early education, and work/life solutions. They operate more than 600 child care centers across the US, in Europe, and Canada and serve 700 clients worldwide. Yale College Reunions has worked with Bright Horizons for more than 15 years. Bright Horizons staff is joined by trained Yale College student clerks who love working with kids of all ages.

When are the sessions? There are three sessions during first reunion weekend only: Friday, May 25 from 4 pm to 11:30 pm, Saturday, May 26 from 8:30 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 11:30 pm.

Who can attend Camp Bulldog? To attend Camp Bulldog, children must be:

  • Registered for reunion
  • Four months old through eighth grade.

Please note that the sessions you choose must match up with your reunion fee.

How much does it cost? Regardless of how many sessions your child attends – one, two, or all three – the cost of Camp Bulldog around $90 per child (this amount is to be confirmed at the beginning of 2018).

Are there meals at Camp Bulldog? While parents have the option of picking children up for dinner at their reunion headquarters, Friday dinner and Saturday dinner are served at Camp Bulldog. Age appropriate meals are provided at 6 pm each evening, as well as healthy snacks on Saturday morning and both evening sessions. (If your child is 18 months or younger, you must supply food and bottles.) Please note any allergy or diet information during the registration process.

Where does it take place? All Camp Bulldog events take place at Payne-Whitney Gym, including the Lanman Center and Lee Amphitheater.

What should I bring?

  • Infants & Toddlers: Diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bottles, formula/breast milk, baby food, spoon, dish, pacifier, change of clothes, blanket, comfort items.
  • Preschoolers: Change of clothes (including shoes), comfort items.
  • School-agers: Personal items such as age-appropriate books, hand-held games, iPods, etc. Athletic shoes/sneakers are required for participation on the sports courts. Children are responsible for the oversight of their items.

Please note that Camp Bulldog is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings.


How do I register my child for Camp Bulldog? You can register your child for Camp Bulldog as you’re registering online for your reunion. You’re given the option to register for Camp Bulldog in the second step of online reunion registration.

What information do you require? We ask for all the information required by Bright Horizons and the state of Connecticut. All of this information is required to register your child for Camp Bulldog and your registration cannot be completed without it. We ask for: name, birthdate, grade (if applicable), gender, race, height, weight, primary language, and identifying marks. Yale University also requires that you acknowledge having read and agreed to the terms of the assumption of risk & release from liability and indemnification form for your child to participate in Camp Bulldog. Yale requires that you check the electronic signature box when registering your child for Camp Bulldog.Your child will not be official enrolled until you have read the forms and have checked the electronic signature box.

Is there a cutoff for Camp Bulldog registration, and can I register my child for Camp Bulldog as a walk-in? You can register your child for Camp Bulldog until 5 pm Eastern Time on Monday, May 14. At that time online registration for reunion and Camp Bulldog will close. While you will still be able to register yourself and your child for reunion on site as a walk-in, Camp Bulldog does not take any walk-in registrations. Please be sure to register your child for Camp Bulldog before May 14 at 5 pm.

What if I’m wait listed? Occasionally, due to the popularity of Camp Bulldog, certain sessions will hit their maximum. If that happens, you will receive notification on your registration receipt and reunion confirmation. Though we cannot guarantee that your child will make it off the wait list for that session and into Camp Bulldog, there is a chance that could happen. If it does, you will receive an email.


Official Bright Horizon Web-site

For Child Care Program or General Questions
Jodi Chevarella at (203) 606-0523.

For School-Aged Program
Jim Moonan,

For Camp Bulldog Registration Questions or Cancellations
AYA, (203) 432-2110, or