What is the Yale Medal, and to whom is it awarded?

Previous Fellowes

2007:  John Hodgman '94

John Hodgman is a contributing writer for publications including The New York Times Magazine. He wrote an advice column for McSweeney's for over a year entitled "Ask a Former Professional Literary Agent." He now appears regularly on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. Hodgman's first book, The Areas of My Expertise, was published in 2006.




Finding Us


Association of Yale Alumni
Rose Alumni House
232 York Street
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The Association was established by the adoption of a Constitution by the Founding Board of the Association on August 11, 1972 pursuant to the Charter authorization of the President and Fellows of the Yale Corporation contained in their resolution approved on October 4, 1971 and by the approval of that Constitution by the Corporation on October 13, 1972.

The Constitution has been amended by approval of the Corporation in November 1980, June 1988, June 1990, December 1999, February 2003, April 2005, and December 2008.


AYA Mission

The mission of the Association of Yale Alumni is to foster lifelong connections to Yale, both to serve our graduates and to enable them to be effective contributors and ambassadors for Yale.


The AYA provides a channel for communication between the alumni and the University, oversees the direction of alumni organizations and programs, provides the means for examination of University policies and maintains the stature of Yale University.




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