2008 - Physics

Today's Physics For Tomorrow's World
November 7 - 9, 2008

You are warmly invited to a special weekend in New Haven for alumni of the graduate programs in Physics and Applied Physics

  • see old friends, colleagues and mentors
  • revisit favorite places on campus
  • tour labs, meet new faculty and students
  • learn about exciting new research at Yale in neutrino physics, quantum phenomena, heavy nuclei,
  • dark matter, dark energy and cosmology
  • engage in lively discussions
  • enjoy festive meals and receptions with fellow alumni in Physics and Applied Physics from all eras




Friday, November 7



Hall of Graduate Studies, Rm 116
320 York Street (between Elm and Grove streets)

2:30 –5:30pm    

Sloane Physics Laboratory (main entrance)
217 Prospect Street
6:30 - 7:30pm    
Peabody Museum of Natural History
170 Whitney Avenue


1:30 –2:30pm    

Bus Tour of Campus (highlighting new construction and renovations)

Depart from Hall of Graduate Studies, 320 York Street (between Elm and Grove Streets); end at Sloane Physics Laboratory.


2:30 –5:00pm    

Physics Open House, Lab Tours and Poster Session
Sloane Physics Laboratory
217 Prospect Street

Visit labs, talk with faculty and students about the exciting research they are conducting, find your old haunts, and check out recent renovations in Sloane (new lounges, student work spaces). Four laboratories will be open for visits:

Atomic Physics, ground floor of Sloane, hosted by Dan McKinsey

High Energy Physics and Astrophysics, fourth and fifth floors of Gibbs Laboratories, hosted by Bonnie Fleming and Andy Szymkowiak

Nuclear Physics, Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory, hosted by Volker Werner and Andreas Heinz

Applied Physics, Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center, hosted by Bob Schoelkopf

Light refreshments will be served throughout the Open House.


Opening Session
Sloane Physics Laboratory, Room 59

Welcoming Remarks
Jon Butler
Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Meg Urry
Chair, Department of Physics

The Future of Science at Yale
Steven M. Girvin
Deputy Provost for Science and Technology


Reception and Dinner
Peabody Museum of Natural History
170 Whitney Avenue


Saturday, November 8

9:00 –10:30am    

Yale Alumni at the Frontiers of Physics Research

Davies Auditorium
Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center
15 Prospect Street
Francesco Iachello
Yale University
Baha Balantekin '82 PhD
University of Wisconsin

Gordon Cates '87 PhD
University of Virginia

Michael Dine '78 PhD
University of California, Santa Cruz

Senta V. Greene '92 PhD
Vanderbilt University

David M. Lee '59 PhD
Cornell University, Emeritus

Marlan Scully '65 PhD
Texas A & M University


Coffee break


Science Policy and Its Implications for Research at Universities and Laboratories
Michael Zeller
Yale University

Charles Baltay '63 PhD
Yale University

Dennis Kovar '70 PhD
U. S. Department of Energy

Arthur Ramirez '84 PhD
LGS - Bell Labs Innovations

Allen Sessoms '72 PhD
University of The District of Columbia

12:15 –1:45pm    


Hall of Graduate Studies Dining Hall and
McDougal Common Room
320 York Street

2:00 –2:30pm    

Current Directions of the Yale Department of Physics

Davies Auditorium
Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center
15 Prospect Street

Meg Urry, Chair, Yale Department of Physics


From Yale Physics to the World of Business, Finance and Industry
Thomas Appelquist
Yale University
Joseph Allen '65 PhD
NASA and Private Sector, Retired

Joel Birnbaum '65 PhD
Hewlett-Packard Co., Retired

Piotr Karasinski '87 PhD
HSBC, London

Shiva Kumar '86 PhD
IBM, New York

Zhiping Zhao '93 PhD
CreditSights, New York
Cocktails and Dinner

Silliman College Common Room and
Dining Hall
505 College Street

After-Dinner Remarks
"Symmetry Breaking, Chaos and Dark Energy: Washington's Grand Challenges"
Michael Lubell '69 PhD
Professor, City College of CUNY
Director of Public Affairs, APS


Sunday, November 9

9:00 –10:15am    
Modern Trends in Physics Education

Davies Auditorium
Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center
15 Prospect Street
Peter Parker
Yale University
Mark Caprio '03 PhD
University of Notre Dame

Peter M. Koch '74 PhD
SUNY Stony Brook

Richard A. Lindgren '69 PhD
University of Virginia

Cindy B. Schwarz '85 PhD
Vassar College

Richard N. Steinberg '87 MS, '92 PhD (Applied Physics)
City College of New York


Farewell Brunch

Presidents Room, Woolsey Hall
Corner of College and Grove Streets