2011 Excellence Award Recipients

The AYA Board is proud to announce the second annual Excellence Award winners. These awards recognize the superior accomplishments of Yale’s classes, regional clubs and associations, shared identity and interest groups, and the graduate and professional school alumni associations. As listed below, recognition includes events, programs, and best practices in alumni relations efforts that exhibit excellence in results and the commensurate benefits for Yale and on behalf of Yale. Such accomplishments raise standards and contribute to the growing effectiveness of alumni relations programs at Yale.


2011 Recipients


Outstanding Class Award - Yale College Class of 1959: For establishing the Calhoun College Fund for Excellence, an endowment that provides financial and alumni support to current students in Calhoun College, including mentoring and summer or extracurricular fellowships

Highest Reunion Attendance Award - Yale College Class of 1951 60th Reunion, Yale College Class of 1966 45th Reunion, Yale College Class of 1981 30th Reunion: For highest attendance, measured as total number of alumni, family, and friends attending a quinquennial reunion, and measured against previous reunions of the same anniversary

Highest Percentage of Returning Alumni Reunion Award - Yale College Class of 1966 45th Reunion: For highest percentage of returning alumni measured against total living alumni of the class and against previous reunions of the same anniversary

Outstanding Class Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Award - Yale College Class of 1957: For conceiving and funding the Class of ’57 Music Endowment to enable Yale to share its resources in support of music education for urban public school children



Outstanding Major Cities Award: Yale Club of New York City: For the robust set of programs and events that demonstrate its ability and willingness to reach out to all parts of the Yale community while maintaining a strong management structure

Outstanding Major Cities Award: Yale Club of Chicago: For committing to activities that engage all parts of the alumni community through its efforts to collaborate with Shared Interest Groups, to create family events, and to engage young alumni

Outstanding International Award: Yale Club of the Netherlands: For creating a model that smaller clubs can follow to host Yale-specific events but also to engage with the Ivy Circle

Club Day of Service Award: Yale Club of New Haven: For showing continued growth with the Yale Day of Service by engaging 250 volunteers at 17 service sites



 Outstanding G&P School Award - Yale Law School Association: For hosting events that have continually been successful and differ in disciplinary focus and geographic location

Outstanding G&P School Award - Yale School of Management Alumni Association: For their ability to establish new international chapters while revitalizing existing regional groups and to use technology to create better and more effective communication tools

Outstanding G&P School Event Award - Yale Divinity School Alumni Association: For an historic event that honored the achievements of women at the Divinity School during the last eighty years



Outstanding SIG Award - Yale Black Alumni Association: For their inaugural year theme of “Reconnect with Yale through Leadership and Service,” reflected in signature programs (Summer Service Project, Y-Apply, and Summer Institute of the Arts) with a service focus.

Outstanding SIG Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Award - Yale Latino Alumni Association of the Tri-State Area: For establishing Yale alumni mentoring for Latino honor students in New York City high schools, and other programming that continues to educate students about higher education

SIG Day of Service AwardYale Black Alumni Association with special mention to YBAA of Los Angeles and YBAA of Seattle: For hosting the “Real-Talk Teen Parent Empowerment” conference in Los Angeles, that gave young parents tools to be more successful parents, and the “Do You” conference in Seattle, to encourage girls in Seattle public high schools to consider higher education



Outstanding Collaboration Award - Yale Club of New Haven: For organizing Mandi’s March with Quinnipiac University involving a fundraising walk for students, alumni & friends that raised over $4,000 in support of Mandi Schwartz’s ’11 valiant fight against leukemia.

Outstanding Innovation Award - Yale Alumni Association of New York (YAANY): For the Juvenile Justice Reform Task Force’s efforts to advocate for reform in the juvenile justice system

Outstanding Student Engagement - Yale GALA , Yale’s LGBT Alumni Association: For their commitment to sponsoring and supporting student events and programs at Yale including Master’s Teas, the founding of “Q” Magazine and Pride events

Best Marketing, Branding, and Communications Effort - Yale Divinity School Alumni Association: For drawing national attention to Divinity School events and programs through the effective use of new media (YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

Most Creative Use of Technology and Social Networking Media - Yale Alumni Association of New York (YAANY): For embracing innovative technology to create an online component to their 2nd Annual Benefit Soiree Auction

Emerging Leaders Award - Yale Club of San Francisco: For its successful evolution of Club leadership and ongoing recruitment of new volunteers to sustain a representative and diverse board