Assembly LXVIII: November 13-15, 2008

From Print to Pixel:
Carrying Forward the Legacy of Publishing at Yale

Past attendees will recall that each Assembly is developed around a particular theme or broad subject area. At Assembly LXVIII we will examine the complexities of radical changes in the infrastructure of knowledge, including how it is generated, created, and disseminated.  This is a transformative issue of crucial importance to the Yale community not only in terms of supporting teaching and learning at universities today, but also the broader implications for libraries, government, information policy, publishing and education as well as the impact on professional, social, and economic issues. 



Thursday, November 13

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Rose Alumni House, 232 York Street

Assembly participants will check in and receive their packet of materials for the Assembly program. The packet will include the final program for the weekend, as well as name badges and other materials.

Assembly Welcome
9:45 - 10:00 a.m.

Assembly Chair Susan Lennon '85 MPPM will welcome delegates and guests to the Assembly and share her thoughts on the rich history of publishing at Yale and how information and knowledge is shared at Yale and beyond in this increasingly digital world.

Introduction to the Assembly
Building Upon the Legacy of Publishing at Yale

10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Publishing at Yale has a long and distinguished history, beginning with the creation of the first University Printer in the United States, a position held by Carl Rollins beginning in 1918.  Yale continues to innovate with the creation of virtual publications such as the YaleGlobal online magazine, the flagship publication of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization.  In this digital age, how has the role of the library, the institution at the heart of the community of scholars and learners, changed in providing access to diverse electronic and print resources in support of teaching and research of the university?

Join panelists John Gambell '81 MFA, University Printer; Alice Prochaska, University Librarian; and Nayan Chanda, Director of Publications and the Editor of YaleGlobal online magazine at the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization; as they address some of these issues.  The session will be moderated by David Schiffman '05 MBA, Digital Strategist, Office of the Vice President and Secretary.

Student Editors Panel: The Medium for the Message
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

The lively exchange of ideas at Yale takes place in many forms, and students utilize many methods of sharing information and opinions on campus and beyond. Invited panelists include Andrew Mangino '09, Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Daily News; Katharine Boicourt '09 FOR, Editor-in-Chief of Sage magazine, the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies' student-run environmental magazine; Michael Thornton '09, Editor-in-Chief of the humor magazine The Yale Record; and Katherine L. Wilson-Milne'09 LAW, Chair of Editors of The Pocket Part, an online publication of the Yale Law Journal which brings the best of the print Journal's content to the web and creates an interactive forum for debate and discussion.

Lunch in the Residential Colleges and New Delegate Orientation
12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Most Assembly participants will have lunch in assigned residential colleges. In addition, the New Delegate Luncheon will take place in the Presidents' Room and will provide an overview of the Assembly and the delegate role for new delegates. New delegates will have a ticket for this luncheon in their registration packet.

Topical Breakout Sessions and Tours
1:45 - 3:15 p.m.

Assembly participants will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the many aspects of publishing at Yale and Yale in the digital world. Registrants will choose from among the following simultaneous sessions; please be sure to indicate your selection on the registration form.

Digital Earth: Yale's Online Environmental Initiative

Yale Environment 360, the new online environmental magazine launched by the university this year, is an integral part of two of the university's primary missions: emerging as a leading "green" university and securing its place as a truly global institution. In this session, Roger Cohn '73, the editor of Yale Environment 360 (, will talk about this new Web magazine and why Yale decided to make it an exclusively online publication. He will describe the process of getting a new Web site off the ground and how being an online publication offers different challenges and opportunities than the print world. With heightened interest in the environment, particularly around the issue of climate change, the launch of Yale Environment 360 has been well-timed, and Cohn will discuss the global reach of the publication and its potential for providing an international forum for key environmental issues.

Residential College Presses, Revisited

As part of its infrastructure, each of Yale's residential colleges has its own collection of activity rooms, ranging from squash courts and exercise rooms to snack bars, woodshops or carillons. From the beginning of the residential college system in the 1930's, several of the colleges set aside room for print shops which served to support literary works, hobby printing and fine-art projects. Recent residential college renovations have restored a number of these press rooms resulting in a new interest in fine printing. Join Davenport College Fellow Alistair Kwan '09 GRD, press restorer Nathaniel Gibbons '79, and student printer Nicholas McBurney '10 of Berkeley College to learn about the state of student presses in Yale College, followed by a tour of one of the college presses.

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library in the Digital Age

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, one of the world's largest buildings devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts, is Yale's principal repository for literary archives, early manuscripts, and rare books. The Beinecke's collections include materials ranging from papyrus to medieval manuscripts to "born-digital" electronic records and multimedia recordings. The Beinecke has undertaken an ambitious digitization program and offers online access to over 160,000 images as well as access to streaming audio and video, online exhibitions, podcasts, and blogs. In this break-out session, Beinecke staff will illustrate how the interactions between rare materials, students, faculty, researchers, and librarians are being transformed and mediated by technology and how digital versions of rare books, manuscripts, and fragile photographs relate to, safeguard, and sometimes enhance the original objects.

Yale Daily News in Print and Online

Founded 130 years ago, the Yale Daily News is the nation's oldest college daily newspaper. While it continues to be a leader in college print journalism -- it was entirely redesigned and rethought this past summer with the guidance of the same consultants who redesigned The Wall Street Journal -- the YDN also makes its content available on its Web site,, where it began publishing in February 1995. Members of the Yale community and others can stay current with the Yale Daily News by subscribing to their daily headlines e-mail with a digital copy of the day's issue or subscribe to their RSS feed. Other multimedia features available at the YDN website include videos, blogs and online radio. Join Yale Daily News Editor-in-Chief Andrew Mangino '09 as he talks about the evolution of the YDN, demonstrates some of the new features and leads a tour of the YDN home on York Street.

Publishing on Demand

What is publishing on demand and how does it work? How is it different from traditional publishing? Join Jeffrey Gworek, Director of Yale Printing and Publishing Services, along with Joseph Cinquino, Director of Operations, and Joseph Maynard, Senior Publishing Advisor, to learn about the history of Yale's in-house design, printing and production house. Tour the facility and see just how on-demand publishing happens and also learn how the digital environment has changed the ways in which YPPS provides services to the Yale community.

Behind the Scenes at the Alumni Magazine

The editors discuss how issues of the Yale Alumni Magazine are put together, from choice of articles to crafting covers and headlines. (You'll see some drafts that didn't make it into print.) They also discuss the priorities, mission, and everyday conundrums of publishing one of the only alumni magazines in the country that's not run by its university. Alumni are encouraged to bring and share their opinions about and ideas for the magazine.

Virtual Yale

Technology is having a profound effect on our lives and the impact it is having in the world of education is growing every day. Yale's new Office of Digital Dissemination is responsible for considering how to best take advantage of new technology to distribute the University's intellectual treasury beyond campus. Stephanie Schwartz, Associate Secretary and Director of Marketing & Trademark Licensing, and Lucas Swineford, Director of Digital Dissemination will present the objectives behind many of these initiatives and consider where the concept of external digital distribution might lead.

Technology in Teaching

The advent of the digital age and the development of new technologies have allowed for new ways of interacting with students, finding information, disseminating information, and ultimately of transferring knowledge through teaching.  Pericles Lewis, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, will share his thoughts on this transformation and illustrate how it is working in his teaching.  Professor Lewis's project, The Modernism Lab (, is a virtual space dedicated to collaborative research into the roots of literary modernism in England.  It has been assembled by undergraduate and graduate students in his classes and supports a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in English and Comparative Literature. Students in the classes contribute materials to the website and use it as the platform for their ongoing research. Professor Lewis will discuss the possibilities opened up for the Humanities by the use of digital technologies, including new modes of collaborative teaching, research, and academically-oriented social networking.

Publishing a Novel

The career path of a faculty member necessarily includes publishing scholarly works. But how does a novel move from idea to reality, and how is that process different from that of disseminating academic ideas? Barry McCrea, Professor of Comparative Literature, will talk about the process of publishing his novel, The First Verse. Published in 2005 by Carroll & Graf, the book won the 2005 Ferro-Grumley prize for fiction and was selected for the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers program. It has been translated and republished in a number of languages and editions. Professor McCrea will share his thoughts on his journey from the idea to the book on the shelf.

Digital Yale
3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

What is Yale's on-line presence?  How does Yale look to those traveling the internet superhighway?  What Yale resources are available to those who cannot get to New Haven?  Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer '77 JD will discuss how digital distribution has the ability to create a "multiplier effect" for Yale content in the interest of increasing the audiences who may benefit from Yale's teaching. The impact of technology is already being felt both inside the typical Yale classroom and far outside of it. Vice President Lorimer will move beyond the work happening in New Haven to discuss innovative digital projects taking hold around the world that are completely transforming the way people learn.

Why Books Still Matter

6:00 - 6:30pm

The past several years have been a time for radical changes in academic publishing: in the new ways in which books may be produced, in the digital and traditional markets in which books may be bought, in the new ways in which information may be digitally disseminated, and in the way information is consumed. As the Yale University Press celebrates its centennial year, Director John Donatich contends that the Age of Information, in which access to information is ubiquitous, is an age that argues for the central importance of the book. In the process of selection, development, editing, design, and distribution, publishers provide the culture with a gate-keeping standard of excellence and thus matter more than ever. The fact that research and information have so many means of dissemination prompts us to ask the question, "What needs to be a book?"

Wayzgoose Dinner
6:45 pm
University Commons

Join with other Assembly attendees in celebrating a Wayzgoose dinner, a long-standing tradition in the history of printing where printers gather to talk about the art they love. Over an informal stationed dinner in University Commons, attendees will share thoughts on what they have learned about the life of publishing at Yale and the ways in which Yale is leading in the journey into the digital world.

Dessert and Publications Fair
8:00 pm

A Yale Publications Fair will provide the opportunity for attendees to learn about some of the many publications on campus. Exhibitors will include student publications as well as those of Yale's professional schools, galleries and museums, departments, and other campus organizations. Alumni and guests will have the opportunity to sign up to receive publications of interest in print and/or electronic form.


Friday, November 14

Strategic Plan Update
8:30-8:45 am

Mark Dollhopf '77, Executive Director of the AYA, will provide an overview of the progress and future of the initiatives of the AYA's Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan in Action
8:45 am

How have the initiatives of the strategic plan impacted the lives of Yale alumni and our university? Through a series of personal accounts, alumni volunteers will share how their up-close and personal experience with new projects - many stemming from the Strategic Plan - have changed their lives and the way they view Yale.

10:15-10:30 am

Information Session on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment
10:30 am

Later this fall, Assembly delegates will be receiving materials regarding some proposed changes to the AYA Constitution being recommended by the Board of Governors (BOG).  During this information session, BOG Vice-Chair and Constitution Committee Chair Michael Madison '83 will provide a brief overview of the recommended changes and give delegates a chance to ask related questions.  During the course of the Assembly weekend, we will be asking delegates and officially appointed alternate delegates to cast their vote on the recommended changes.

Lunch in Commons
with Remarks by Professor Akhil Amar
11:30 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

At lunch, Assembly attendees will be joined by those volunteers on campus for the Fundraising Volunteer Convocation to hear from Professor Akhil Amar. Professor Amar is the Southmayd Professor of Law and Political Science and the recipient of the 2008 William Clyde DeVane Award, the oldest and highest-ranking award for excellence in scholarship and undergraduate teaching at Yale.

Leadership Development Workshops
1:45-3:30 pm.

How can the initiatives of the Strategic Plan invigorate your constituency's work for Yale? Attendees will break out by constituency for hands-on leadership training in bringing the goals of the strategic plan to life within your own Yale communities. Please indicate the session you plan to attend on the registration form.

University Update
3:45 - 5:00 pm

Assembly attendees will again be joined by volunteers for the Fundraising Volunteer Convocation for a University Update from President Richard C. Levin '74 PhD.

Yale Medal Dinner
University Commons
Reception begins at 6:00 pm
Sterling Memorial Library

For more than 50 years, the Yale Medal has been conferred to honor outstanding individual service to the University. This year's recipients reflect the range of service and leadership the AYA strives to recognize with this award. We honor the remarkable contributions of the Medalists and recognize that they honor Yale and all of us in the alumni community by the ways in which they have chosen to give back to our community of scholars and friends. We hope all Assembly participants will join us for a gala celebration honoring this year's Medalists - Edward A. Dennis '63, Linda Koch Lorimer '77 JD, Roslyn Milstein Meyer '71, '77 PhD, Don T. Nakanishi '71 and William H. Wright II '82. For more information about the Yale Medal and this year's recipients, please go to


Saturday, November 15

While the Assembly is officially over, we are pleased to provide you with information on the following activities for Saturday:

Yale at Rest: Presidents, Faculty and Graduates
Grove Street Cemetery Tour
9:00 am

Join Tom Gottshall '67 for a walking tour of the monuments of Yale presidents for whom residential colleges are named, early faculty members and national historical figures, as well as more recent Yale personalities. The many Yale family connections make this a special place.

Yale Center for British Art
10 am - 5 pm

A guided Tour of the Center's architecture begins at 11 am, and at 1 pm there will be a student-led introductory tour of the Center with diverse themes. Both tours meet at the information desk. Special exhibits include Benjamin West and the Venetian Secret and Sun, Wind and Rain - The Art of David Cox.

Yale University Art Gallery
Hours: 10 am - 5 pm

Guided Masterpiece Tours are available at 1:30 pm; gather at the front desk. Special exhibits include Optical/Perceptual: Photographs from the Allan Chasanoff Collection; First Doubt: Optical Confusion in Modern Photography; and Grand Scale: Monumental Prints in the Age of Dürer and Titian.

Yale-Princeton Football Game

Please note that alumni can take advantage of the free transportation to the Yale Bowl provided by Athletics. Shuttle busses leave from in front of the Payne Whitney gym beginning at 9:00 am and shuttle continuously to and from the Yale Bowl. To return to campus, get the shuttle back on Yale Avenue by Gate B; bus service ends at approximately 5:00 p.m.

Pre-Game AYA Hospitality Tent
10:30 a.m. - 12 noon

We invite you to join the AYA and your classmates and friends for our exciting pre-Game event at the Yale Bowl. Once again the AYA will be hosting the very popular hospitality tent, AYA Alumni Village, located within the Hospitality Village adjacent to the Yale Bowl. This free event for all alumni provides a place to gather and meet up with classmates before going to the game.  Free refreshments and raffles for those who come early!

Yale-Princeton Football Game
Kick-off 12 noon

Assembly participants are invited to attend the Yale-Princeton game at the Bowl. Mark your registration form if you wish to receive complimentary tickets (up to two) for admission to the game. You may also purchase additional tickets at the price of $6 each.