Suggested Speakers & Topics

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 Speaker  School or Dept.  Possible Topic Areas
Bruce Ackerman Law Civil liberty in an age of terrorism
Jean-Christophe Agnew History, American Studies American cultural history, 19th & 20th centuries; consumerism
Jay Ague Peabody Museum, Geology & Geophysics Sustainable energy; mineralogy
Bruce Alexander ONHSA, Management Yale and New Haven
Vladimir E. Alexandrov Slavic Studies Vladimir Nabokov; Frederick Bruce Thomas, the “Black Russian”
Robert J. Alpern Medicine Yale School of Medicine
Abbas Amanat History, International Studies Middle East culture; modern Iran
Akhil Amar Law U.S. presidency; the Constitution
Paul T. Anastas Chemistry, F&ES Green chemistry, green engineering
Thomas Appelquist Physics Theoretical physics at Yale
Carol Armstrong History of Art History of art criticism and photography; the representation of women in visual culture
Amy F. Arnsten Medicine, Psychology Role of prefrontal networks in allowing coherent thought
Harold W. Attridge Divinity The Bible; Yale Divinity School
Ian Ayres Law, Management Economic incentives; using everyday ingenuity to solve problems
Omer Bajwa Chaplain’s Office Muslim life at Yale
Emily Bakemeier Provost’s Office The humanities at Yale
Jack Balkin Law Constitutional law; the First Amendment
Nicholas C. Barberis Management Psychology of the financial crisis
Timothy Barringer History of Art Art and the British empire
David Bercovici Geology & Geophysics Volcanos and earthquakes
David W. Blight History The Civil War; slavery
R. Howard Bloch Medieval Studies, French The Bayeux Tapestry
Robert L. Blocker Music Music at Yale; teaching music in public schools
Paul Bloom Psychology The psychology of good and evil
Kent Bloomer Architecture Architectural ornamentation
Gerhard Bowering Religious Studies Islam today; the Koran
Melanie Boyd Yale College, Women’s/Gender Studies Campus climate at Yale; handling challenging student issues
James Boyle YEI The entrepreneurial spirit at Yale
Paul Bracken Political Science, Management Business strategy; nuclear proliferation
Marc Brackett Psychology Emotional intelligence
Mark Brandon Geology & Geophysics Glaciers; tectonic evolution
Derek Briggs Peabody Museum, Geology & Geophysics What’s new at the Peabody; ancient fossils
David Bromwich English Shakespeare; Emerson; Shelley; Orson Welles
Heidi Brooks Medicine, Management Business coaching and development; women at Yale
Peter P. Brooks French, Literature, Comp. Literary criticism at Yale; the ethics of reading
Turner Brooks Architecture Experiencing architectural space
Craig Buckley History of Art Modern & Contemporary Architecture
James Bundy Drama Trends in American theater
Richard Burger Anthropology, Peabody Museum Machu Picchu
Paul Bushkovitch History Russian empire
Jon Butler Religious Studies, American Studies, History Religion in America today
Daylian Cain Management Behavioral business ethics; conflicts of interest; altruism
David R. Cameron Political Science The European Union today
Jill Campbell English, Women’s/Gender Studies 18th‑century British literature; teaching reading and writing
Michael Cappello Medicine, YCSG Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Hazel V. Carby American Studies, African American Studies African‑American studies at Yale; race, gender & sexuality
John Carlson MC&D Biology Malaria, mosquitoes and the sense of smell
Johnnie Carson YCSG Contemporary African issues
Stephen L. Carter Law Law and religion; the ethics of war; law and politics
Nayan Chanda YCSG Globalization; Asian politics, security and foreign policy
Joseph Chang Statistics & Data Science Probability and Statistics
George Chauncey American Studies, History Modern U.S. history; gay and lesbian history
Marian R. Chertow F&ES Asian economic power and the environment
Annping Chin History Women in Chinese history
Amy L. Chua Law The rise and fall of hyperpowers; Asia’s future; “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”
Marvin Chun Psychology, Yale College Visual attention, memory and perception
Paul Cleary Public Health Future of U.S. health and healthcare
Daniel Colon-Ramos Medicine Importance of basic science funding in cell biology
James P. Comer Medicine How schools, parents and community can collaborate for children’s success
Edward S. Cooke History of Art American material culture and decorative arts
Craig Martin Crews Medicine, Chemistry, MC&D Biology Raiding Mother Nature’s cabinet
Joseph L. Cumming Chaplain’s Office Is Middle East peace possible?
Deborah Davis Sociology, Women’s/Gender Studies China’s consumer revolution; contemporary Chinese society
Stephen J. Davis Religious Studies Early Christian history
Rohit De History, Law Modern South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh); global legal history
Vincent T. DeVita Medicine Cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy
Michael Donoghue E&E Biology Plant diversity and evolution
Toni Dorfman Theater Studies Yale’s theater scene
Julie Dorsey Computer Science Computer graphics and animation; computers and art
Thomas C. Duffy Music Yale’s bands; Glenn Miller at Yale
Thomas P. Duffy Medicine Ethics of stem cell research; doctor‑patient relationships
Carlos Eire Religious Studies, History Cuban exiles; religious history of early modern Europe
Stanley Eisenstat Computer Science How to cheat at Hangman, and other great ideas from computer science
John Elefteriades Medicine Cardiology in the 21st century
Menachem Elimelech Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Environmental applications of nanomaterials; water and sanitation in developing countries
Donald M. Engelman MB&B Membrane and protein research at Yale
Joseph Errington Anthropology, Linguistics Patterns of social and language change
David Evans Geology & Geophysics Geodynamics and tectonics; climate change
Ronald Eyerman Sociology How culture structures our social life and problems
Ray Fair Economics, Management Effects of the economy on national politics
Michael Faison Astronomy Interstellar structure and dynamics; archaeoastronomy
Cynthia Farrar Political Science History of democracy
Justin Farrell Sociology Culture, environment and social movements
Jonathan Feinstein Management Creativity and innovation in companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and scientists
Debra Fischer Astronomy, Geology & Geophysics Life in the universe; exoplanets
Durland Fish Public Health, F&ES Ecology; disease prevention; climate change; ticks, mosquitoes
Owen Fiss Law Freedom of speech; racism in America
Daphne Fitzpatrick Art Studying sculpture at Yale
Bonnie Fleming Physics Particle physics; teaching science to middle‑schoolers
Paul Fleury Engineering Nanoscience; engineering at Yale
Hugh Flick Religious Studies Being a residential college dean at Yale
Howard Forman Medicine, Management Health policy; economics of healthcare
Benjamin R. Foster Near Eastern Lang. & Lit., Library Yale’s Babylonian collections; the Epic of Gilgamesh
Karen Foster History of Art, Near Eastern Lang. & Lit. Yale’s Babylonian collections
Roberta Frank English Major English poets; Old English; the Vikings
Paul H. Freedman History Medieval social class, food; the Crusades
Joanne Freeman History Presidency; founding fathers
Kirk Freudenburg Classics Horace; studying the Classics at Yale; satire in classical literature
Paul Fry English Why do we need literature?; Romantic literature and painting
Beverly Gage History Wall Street terrorism of 1920; J. Edgar Hoover
John Gambell University Printer, Art The Yale typeface; how Yale brands itself
Alexander Garvin Architecture, Management Urban planning in U.S. cities
Jacques Gauthier Peabody Museum, Geology & Geophysics Yale, the birthplace of American dinosaur paleontology
John Geanakoplos Economics Can the financial system be saved?
Gordon T. Geballe F&ES The environment in China; the American lawn
Marla Geha Astronomy, Physics Frontiers and controversies in astrophysics; dark matter
David Gelernter Computer Science The future of computing; technology as art
Tamar Gendler Philosophy Five ancient secrets to happiness
Aaron Gerow East Asian Lang. & Lit., Film Studies Japanese cinema and culture
Mark Gerstein MB&B, Computer Science Bioinformatics; quantitative approaches to problems in molecular biology
Paul Gewirtz Law The law in China today
Susan Gibbons Provost’s Office, Library Yale’s libraries
Glenda E. Gilmore History, African American Studies, American Studies Southern politics; civil rights history
Steven M. Girvin Physics, Provost’s Office, Applied Physics Engineering at Yale; quantum mechanics
Jay Gitlin History The American West
William N. Goetzmann Management Emerging markets; art as an investment
Walter Goffart History Barbarian kingdoms; early Middle Ages; historical atlases
Harvey Goldblatt Slavic Studies Medieval Slavic philology and culture
Mary Helen Goldsmith MC&D Biology Biology of plants
Roberto González Echevarría Literature, Comp. Spanish and Latin American literature; Cuban baseball; Yale aviation
Sara Goodyear English Romantic and Victorian poetry
Bruce Gordon Divinity, History The Reformation
Joseph W. Gordon Yale College Undergraduate education at Yale
Thomas Graedel Geology & Geophysics, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering Industrial ecology
Ronald Gregg Film Studies Classical Hollywood; gay cinema
Inderpal Grewal Women’s/Gender Studies, Anthropology, American Studies Feminist theory; gender and globalization
Zareena Grewal Religious Studies, American Studies Muslim life in America today
Frank Griffel Religious Studies Islam; Islamic fundamentalism
John Grim F&ES, Religious Studies Religion and ecology
Robert D. Grober Engineering Golf and Physics
Dimitri Gutas Near Eastern Lang. & Lit. Arabic and Islamic studies at Yale
Alfred Guy English, Yale College American science fiction; human nature in literature
Jacob Hacker Political Science American healthcare policy
Asaf Hadari Mathematics Reflections on the game of billiards
Koichi Hamada Economics The international economic order; Japanese law and economics
Langdon Hammer English Writing daily themes at Yale
Valerie Hansen History Chinese archeology; Beijing in history; Silk Road
Clarence E. Hardy Divinity Black religious culture
Robert Harms History, African Studies Africa in the era of the slave trade
Peter Hawkins Divinity Dante; Old Testament poetry
James Hepokoski Music Beethoven, Mozart; Broadway; Cole Porter; race and music
Roy Herbst Medicine Yale at the forefront of treating cancer
Charles Hill International Studies Diplomacy; terrorism; Grand Strategy at Yale
Denise Ho History 20th‑century Chinese history
Lisa Hodermarsky Art Gallery American prints and drawings
Josephine Hoh Public Health Detecting genes involved in diseases such as macular degeneration
Robert Holzer Music Music of the Italian Baroque; the Second Viennese School
Margaret B. Homans Women’s/Gender Studies, English Feminism and gender in literature; European literary traditions
Linda Honan Nursing Creative teaching; refining powers of observation in nursing
Laurence Horn Linguistics Linguistics; semantics
Gregory Huber Political Science Crime and punishment in modern Americ
Pincelli Hull Geology & Geophysics Evolution and ecology of marine life
Roger Ibbotson Management Asset allocation after the financial crisis
Jeannette Ickovics Public Health AIDS research at Yale; obesity and related chronic diseases
Gerald Jaynes African American Studies, Economics Black affluence, black poverty
Kyle Jensen Management The entrepreneurial spirit at Yale
Walter Jetz E&E Biology Conservation biology; biodiversity
Marcia Johnson Psychology Human memory; emotion and cognition
James Jones Athletics Update on Yale Basketball
Gilbert Joseph International Studies, History Latin America; NAFTA; Mexico
Shelly Kagan Philosophy Ethical obligations; social and political philosophy
Edward Kamens East Asian Lang. & Lit. Japanese literature
Dean Karlan Economics Fighting global poverty
David Scott Kastan English Shakespeare; Renaissance literature
Paula Kavathas Medicine, MC&D Biology Immunology
Alan Kazdin Medicine Aggression and antisocial behavior in children
Frank Keil Linguistics, Psychology Linguistics and cognition
William W. Kelly East Asian Lang. & Lit., Anthropology Japanese culture, society and sports
Paul M. Kennedy History American strategic power
Walter Kernan Medicine Preventing stroke
Haig Keshishian Medicine, MC&D Biology The brain: a user’s guide
Bettyann Kevles History History of science; women in space
Daniel Kevles History of Science & Med., American Studies, Law History of science, technology and intellectural property
Kenneth Kidd Medicine, E&E Biology Genetics of human disorders
Benedict Kiernan History, International Studies Genocide in world history
Diana Kleiner History of Art, Classics Cleopatra; women in ancient Rome
Diane Krause Medicine Stem cell research
Judith Krauss Nursing Health policy, healthcare organizations
Anthony T. Kronman Law Have our universities given up on the meaning of life?
Roman Kuc Engineering Intelligent sensors; digital data
Sharon Kugler Chaplain’s Office Religious life at Yale
Douglas Kysar Law Climate change laws; law and the environment
Marianne LaFrance Psychology Why do women smile more than men?
Marc Lapadula Film Studies Five Films That Changed America
Stephen R. Latham Political Science, Management Current issues in bioethics
Penelope Laurans English Yale’s residential colleges
Adria Lawrence Political Science Middle East politics
David Leffell Medicine Dermatology at Yale; skin cancer
James Levinsohn Management International economics, industrial organization, economic development
Richard P. Lifton Medicine Genes, genomes and the future of medicine
Haifan Lin Medicine Stem cell research at Yale
Marshall Long Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Engineering Laser diagnostic techniques; combustion
Ellen Lust Political Science Middle East politics
John MacKay Film Studies, Slavic Studies Russian culture through film
David Mahan Divinity Is Yale hospitable to religion and spirituality?; Society, Religion, and the Literary Imagination
Judith Malafronte Music, Divinity Opera on Screen
Colleen Manassa Near Eastern Lang. & Lit. Fiction in ancient Egypt
Lawrence Manley English Shakespeare; 16th‑ and 17th‑century British literature
Steven Marans Medicine Child psychiatry; protecting children in society
Vasileios Marinis Divinity Christian art and architecture of the Middle Ages
Theodore Marmor Political Science, Management Healthcare policy in the U.S. and Canada
Susan Matheson Art Gallery, Classics Ancient art in Yale’s collections
John F. Matthews Classics, History Life and politics in the Roman Empire
Linda Mayes Medicine Child study at Yale
Carolyn Mazure Medicine Women’s health research at Yale
Donyelle McCray Divinity The life of Pauli Murray
Roderick McIntosh Anthropology African archaeology; illicit traffic in art and antiquities
Robert Mendelsohn Management, Economics, F&ES Economics of climate change
John Merriman History Modern European history; French history
Amy Meyers British Art Center British art at Yale
George A. Miles Library Yale’s Western Americana collections
Christopher L. Miller African American Studies, French Studying French at Yale; literature of the slave trade
Mary E. Miller History of Art Mayan and pre‑Columbian art
Alastair Minnis English Chaucer; medieval literature
Florencia Montagnini F&ES Tropical forests
Michael Morand Library New Haven‑Yale partnership; New Haven urban renaissance; Beinecke Library
Thomas Murray Music Yale’s magnificent organs
Charles Musser American Studies, Film Studies Early American film
Barry Nalebuff Management Game theory; strategic thinking
Priyamvada Natarajan Astronomy, Physics Dark matter; how galaxies form
Thomas Near E&E Biology Fish; Peabody Museum’s ichthyology collections
Robert S. Nelson History of Art Medieval art
William Nordhaus Economics, F&ES Macroeconomics: employment, finance, business fluctuations, economic growth
Nathan Novemsky Management, Psychology Behavioral economics; consumer behavior
Elizabeth Nugent Political Science Political behavior in authoritarian societies
Ian Oliver Chaplain’s Office Religious life at Yale
Sharon Oster Management Strategy for nonprofits; economics of regulation and antitrust
Gene Outka Divinity Ethical dilemmas in modern society
Joan Panetti Music What to listen for when listening to music
Jeffrey Park Geology & Geophysics Seismology and earthquakes
Annabel Patterson English 20th‑century novels
Hannah Peck Yale College Campus climate at Yale; handling challenging student issues
Peter C. Perdue History China’s environmental crises through history
Charles B. Perrow Sociology Reducing our vulnerabilities to disasters
Danilo Petranovich Political Science Lincoln's America
Brigitte Peucker Film Studies, German Films of Hitchcock, Fassbinder, Herzog
Vincent Pieribone Medicine Measuring electric signals in complex neural circuits
Steven Pincus History Origins of the British Empire
Stephen Pitti Ethnicity/Race/Migration, History, American Studies 20th‑century California culture and history
Alan Plattus Architecture Architecture at Yale; urban design
Thomas Pollard MB&B, MC&D Biology The Yale Graduate School today
James E. Ponet Chaplain’s Office Jewish life at Yale
William P. Porter Athletics Crew at Yale
Robert C. Post Law Teaching the law at Yale
Jeffrey Powell E&E Biology Conserving the Earth’s biodiversity
George Priest Law Insurance and public policy; regulation of industry
Richard Prum E&E Biology Birds; birds as living dinosaurs
Alexander Purves Architecture Urban architecture
Anna Pyle Chemistry, MB&B Molecules that walk, shuffle and carry things around; RNA
David Quint English, Literature, Comp. Classical and Renaissance heroic poetry
Douglas Rae Political Science, Management Urbanism; New Haven history
Claude Rawson English Swift, Fielding, other 18th‑century authors
Nancy Redeker Nursing Studying nursing at Yale; sleep and sleep disorders
Anthony Reno Athletics Football at Yale
Judith Resnik Law Federalism, courts, equality, citizenship
Jock Reynolds Art Gallery Art at Yale; collecting art
Joseph Roach Theater Studies, English Theater studies at Yale; European literary traditions
Stephen Roach Management, MacMillan Center Global/Asian markets
Susan Rose-Ackerman Political Science, Law Corruption and accountability in government
Frances Rosenbluth Political Science Japanese politics; gender equality
Elihu Rubin Architecture, Political Science Urban planning and design
Willie Ruff Music Congregational line singing; Duke Ellington; jazz at Yale
Bruce Russett Political Science World politics; conflict resolution
W. Mark Saltzman Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Biomedical engineering at Yale; designing replacement organs; drug delivery systems
Laurie Santos Psychology Sex, evolution and human nature; why people can be irrational
Brian Scassellati Computer Science Intelligent robotics; machines with social skills
Alanna Schepartz MC&D Biology, Chemistry Emerging frontiers in chemical biology
Judith Ann Schiff Library Yale history
Alicia Schmidt Camacho Ethnicity/Race/Migration, American Studies Immigration; Latinas in America
Oswald Schmitz F&ES, E&E Biology Humans and nature, ethics, ecology and sustainability
Brian Scholl Psychology Cognitive science; psychology and philosophy
Richard Schottenfeld Medicine Fighting drug and alcohol addictions
Peter Schulam Medicine Yale Cancer Center
Vicki Schultz Law Employment discrimination law
Fiona Scott Morton Management Competitive business strategies
James Scott Anthropology, Political Science Two Cheers for Anarchism: Autonomy, Dignity and Meaningful Work and Play
William Segraves MC&D Biology, Yale College Reproductive biology; the sciences at Yale
David Sensabaugh Art Gallery Asian art in Yale’s collections
Ramamurti Shankar Physics, Applied Physics Einstein for the masses; physics at Yale
Zhong Shao Computer Science Introduction to programming
Ian Shapiro Law, Political Science, International Studies International studies at Yale
Bennett A. Shaywitz Medicine Dyslexia and creativity
Sally E. Shaywitz Medicine Dyslexia and creativity
Catherine Sheehy Drama American comedy on stage and screen
Robert J. Shiller Management, Economics Risk management; income inequality
Helen F. Siu Anthropology Contemporary China
David K. Skelly F&ES, E&E Biology, Peabody Museum Environmental research at Yale; effect of climate change on species
Richard Skolnik Public Health Global Health 101; nutrition in low‑income countries
Michael Skonieczny Public Health Yale’s growing role in global public health
Ronald Smith Mechanical Engineering, F&ES, Geology & Geophysics The Earth’s atmosphere; weather
Steven B. Smith Political Science, Philosophy Lincoln’s statecraft and political thought
Mitchell Smooke Applied Physics, Engineering Fluid mechanics; combustion; calculus for engineers
Timothy D. Snyder History 20th century European history; Russia, Ukraine
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Management Business leadership
Jonathan D. Spence History Chinese history
Dennis Spencer Medicine Studying medicine at Yale
Stephen Stearns E&E Biology Evolution, ecology and behavior
Joan A. Steitz MB&B Basic science’s impact on medicine
Thomas Steitz Chemistry, MB&B Biophysical chemistry
Robert Burns Stepto English, American Studies, African American Studies American autobiographies; 20th‑century poetry
Susan Stokes Political Science Latin American politics
A. Douglas Stone Physics, Applied Physics Thermodynamics; solid‑state physics
Robert Storr Art Teaching art at Yale
Harry S. Stout American Studies, History, Divinity The Civil War; Jonathan Edwards
Fred Strebeigh F&ES, English Nonfiction writing; the bicycle as a cultural force in China
Stephen Strittmatter Medicine Causes of Alheizmer's disease
Scott Strobel MB&B, West Campus Yale’s West Campus; discovering fungi in the Amazon
Lloyd Suttle Provost’s Office The Yale campus; campus planning
Peter Swenson Political Science Market Regulation in Capitalist Democracies
Norma Thompson Philosophy, Political Science Rhetoric and political order
Adam Tooze History German history; 20th‑century economic history
Mary Evelyn Tucker Divinity, F&ES Religion and the environment
Paul Turner E&E Biology How evolutionary biology unites the life sciences; viruses
Christopher Udry Economics Economic development in Africa
Claudia Megan Urry Astronomy, Physics Astronomy; black holes
Noël Valis Spanish, Portuguese 19th‑ and 20th‑century Spanish literature and culture
T. Kyle Vanderlick Engineering The future of engineering at Yale
Tomas Venclova Slavic Studies Russian, Polish and Lithuanian literature
Miroslav Volf Divinity Dialogue between culture and faith
Elisabeth Vrba Geology & Geophysics, Peabody Museum Paleontology and evolution
John P. Wargo F&ES, Political Science Creating environments that protect human health
Michael Warner American Studies, English History of reading and journalism; secularism in America
Ebonya Washington Economics Public finance, political economy
Laura Wexler Women’s/Gender Studies, American Studies Photography and images of social life
Robert Wilson Divinity Biblical history
Anders Winroth History Medieval Europe; the Vikings
Craig M. Wright Music Music history; Mozart, J.S. Bach
Robert J. Wyman MC&D Biology The neurobiology of animal behavior
Michael Yaffe Music Music in public schools, and how Yale alumni are supporting it
Ruth Bernard Yeazell English Henry James; relationships between literature and visual arts
Mimi Yiengpruksawan History of Art Buddhist art and iconography
David Youtz Yale‑China Association Yale and China; contemporary Chinese society
Julie Zimmerman Environmental Engineering, F&ES, Chemical Engineering Green chemistry, green engineering
Robert Zinn Astronomy Evolution of galaxies and stars