New Haven - Course Info

“The Canterbury Tales:  General Prologue and Five Tales”
Location: New Haven
Professor Traugott Lawler

Abstract:   I would like people to read Chaucer in the original Middle English, as we do in English 125, though anyone who wanted to use a modernized version could do so.  The five tales are those of the Knight, the Miller, the Wife of Bath (with her Prologue), the Nuns' Priest, and the Pardoner.


“A History of the English Language”
Location: New Haven
Professor Fred Robinson

The course begins with the identification of the place of English among the world’s languages, and reviewing major historical events that have impacted the English language. This would be followed by a brief discussion of the history of English grammar, leading to a discussion of the vocabulary of English – where English words come from, how new words are formed, and foreign sources of English words. Next would be a discussion of semantics – how the meaning of English words develop and change over time. Then there would be a review of lexicography – how English dictionaries are made, what the major dictionaries of English are, and how to use them.  The concluding segment would address English and American regional and social dialects.

“The Health Care Crisis: How it arose, and what is to be done”
Location: New Haven
Dr. John Hughes

Through a series of short presentations and interactive discussions, the course will examine how and why health care costs have been rising uncontrollably in all developed nations, but especially in the United States. We will examine the relative contributions to rising costs in the U.S., including the increasing use of technology, an aging population, misplaced economic incentives, and the lack of spending constraints compared to other developed nations.  We will review the structure and financing of the U.S. health care system, building toward an examination of the major options for containing health care costs, including markets, regulation, capitation-based payment, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and hospital- focused strategies.  The course will conclude with a review of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, giving consideration to how effective it will be in both expanding access and containing costs.


“Vikings at Home and Away”
Location: New Haven
Professor Anders Winroth

The course introduces students to the history and culture of the Vikings, famous for their bloodthirst and ferocious attacks on Europe. We will contextualize their deeds and introduce nuance into their usual image, studying not only their warlike endeavors but also their peaceful activities in trade, literature, and art.