Online Services - FAQ



What are the Online Alumni Community and the Online Alumni Directory?
The Online Alumni Community is a set of services offered by the Association of Yale Alumni. The online community area includes discussion groups, an email forwarding service and an online alumni directory. The directory contains name, degree and contact information for all alumni of Yale College, the Graduate School and Yale’s professional schools.


Is the directory secure? Who has access?
All of the information and services in the Online Alumni Community are password-protected and available only to registered users. Each alumnus or alumna also has the option of suppressing any information that he or she does not wish to appear on the system. That is, users may turn off particular information fields in their listings to prevent them from being viewed by other users.


How do I update my address?
Simply log on to the Online Alumni Directory at and follow the link for “View or Update Your Online Directory Listing.”


Can I change my name as it appears in the Online Alumni Directory?
To change your name as it appears in the alumni directory, email our office of Alumni Records at with your name, Yale affiliation, requesting a change and providing the reason (spelling error, marriage, legal name change, or other reason). We will contact you to verify the request.


What if I don’t want my information listed?
No problem. Simply complete the Registration process and proceed to the Online Alumni Directory. Follow the link labeled “View or Update Your Online Directory Listing” and follow the instructions for modifying your directory listing preferences. This page will allow you specify what items you would like to be displayed in the directory. The preferences are granular, so you can be as specific as you wish in deciding how much and what kind of information is viewable to other alumni.


How can the directory be used?
The Online Alumni Directory is intended for use by alumni for the purposes of improving communications among alumni and between alumni and the University. As such, it is for official university use, alumni association use and individual alumni use for communication of a personal nature between members. Use of this directory for any other purpose (including, but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical; creating mailing lists or otherwise using the addresses or other information contained in this directory for any commercial or political mailing) is a violation of copyright and prohibited. Please refer to our website to review our Terms of Service for a complete explanation.


How much do these services cost?
There is no charge to alumni for use of the online community, including permanent email forwarding, access to the online alumni directory and access to message boards.


Can I control whether I receive unsolicited mail or email as a result of my listing?
First, it is important to understand that only registered users will have access to the online directory, and the online community’s Terms of Service prohibit users from using the directory for unsolicited mass mailings. The most important privacy control, however, is in your hands -- you may adjust your individual record to suppress any contact information that you do not wish others to see or to use.


What is happening to Virtual Yale Station, the email forwarding service for alumni?
This service will continue uninterrupted for all current registered users and will be available to any new user. All VYS account maintenance (such as updating your forwarding address) will be done through the online community.


Are message boards replacing the class, club or school email listservs?
The AYA will continue to support its traditional email listservs. However, we hope the web-based message boards will provide and additional forum for alumni from all classes, schools, and clubs to exchange ideas and share their thoughts on a variety of subjects.