Program 2016

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Where Do I Go From Yale?
Tuesday May 17, 2016

Workshop, 9:30 am–4:30 pm, Loria Center (190 York Street)
Luncheon, Noon–1:30 pm, The Graduate Club (155 Elm Street)
Networking, 4:45–6:00 pm, The Golden Center (268 Park Street)


9:30–10:00 am:  Welcome and Introductions

Anthony Sabatelli (1984 PhD, Chemistry), GSAA chair, is a partner in the intellectual property law firm Dilworth IP in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Lynn Cooley is Dean of the Graduate School and C.N.H. Long Professor of Genetics.

Paul Bosco (1984 MS, Engineering & Applied Science), workshop co-chair, is vice president of strategy and market development at Cisco Systems in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Sullivan (1974 BA, 1974 MA, Soviet and Eastern European Studies), workshop co-chair, is director of opinion for the Northeast Ohio Media Group in Cleveland and also heads the editorial board for NEOMG and The Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper.

10:00–10:15 am:  Keynote (title to be announced)

  Kimberly Goff-Crews (1983 BA, 1986 JD) is Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, Yale Universty.

10:20–11:40 am:  What They’re Looking For...  Leaders in government, industry and academia charged with recruitment give their sense of the hard facts and subtle nuances behind getting hired in today's job market. 



Mary Ann McDonald Carolan (1989 PhD, Italian) is Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut.


Jim Carolan is senior equity partner at Withers Bergman LLP, New York, and formerly associate general counsel, Yale University.  He has a 1985 MA/ABD in comparative literature from Stanford, and a 1989 JD from the University of Connecticut Law School

Erin Pusateri Keaney (2006 PhD, Chemistry) is head of PhD recruitment at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts..

Jamie M. Morin (2003 PhD, Political Science), director of Cost Assessment and Program Development, is a senior official in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Devesh Raj (2001 PhD, Applied Physics) is senior vice president of Coroporate Strategic and Financial Planning at Comcast - NBCU, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Noon–1:30 pm: Luncheon at the Graduate Club, 155 Elm Street.  Graduate students will be assigned to tables with alumni who share interests in common.


#1.  Opportunities in High-Tech and Media. Some thoughts on how to prepare and market yourself in the rapidly evolving, ever-reinventing environment of high tech and social media.



Jia Chen (2000 PhD, Physics), moderator, is Watson Cognitive Experience Leader at IBM, New York

William Crawford (2001 BA, Economics) is vice president and head of the Boston office at FitBit. He has an MS in Health Sciences and Technology from MIT, and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management (MIT) in the Biomedical Enterprise Program.

Thomas Keegan is executive director of the Yale Institute for Network Science. He has a 2002 PhD in social/personality psychology from Cornell, and a 1995 MA in General Experimental Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.

Emily Pitler (2003 BS, Computer Science) is a research scientist at Google in New York City. She has an MSE and PhD in computer and information science from the University of Pennsylvania.

William Schnoor (1980 BA, History, 1983 JD) is a partner and co-chair in the technology companies and life sciences group at Goodwin Procter LLP.

#2.  Careers in Think Tanks and Government .



Rosita Thomas (1987 PhD, Political Science), moderator, is the president of Thomas Opinion Research, Manassas, Virginia.

Jeff Mankoff (2006 PhD, History) is deputy director and senior fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, at the Center for Strategic and Insternational Studies, Washington, D.C.

Jamie Morin (2003 PhD, Political Science) is director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Paolo Pesenti (1991 PhD, Economics) is senior vice president and monetary advisor in the research and statistics group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Ian Simon (2008 PhD, Microbiology) is a science policy analyst at the Institue for Defense Analyses.

#3.  Careers with an International Dimension.



Felipe Pait (1993 PhD, Electrical Engineering), moderator, is an associate professor at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He has worked for engineering companies in Brazil and in the U.S.

Gezime Christian  (2013 MA, International and Development Economics) is a management fellow at the White House (Office of Management and Budget), previously worked at the Export-Import Bank of the United States and at the World Bank.

Jennifer Holtzman (2009 PhD, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology) is Scientific Evaluator for Health Canada in Ottawa, Canada.

Gregory Raczniak* (2004 PhD, Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry) is Country Director, Pakistan, for the division of Global Health Protection, Center for Global Health, in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  He also has a 2004 MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School and a 2014 MPH from Tulane University School of Public Helath and Tropical Medicine.  *attending in a personal capacity

Additional speaker to be announced.

#4.  Academic Careers beyond the Tenure Track.



Amy Savage (2010 PhD, Epidemiology and Public Health) is director of the Citizen Science Program and visiting professor of biology at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

Emily Bakemeier is Deputy Provost, Yale University.  She holds a PhD in History of Art from Princeton.

Christopher Geissler (1998 BA, 2005 MPhil, American Studies) is Director, John Jay Library and Special Collections, Brown University.

Leigh Harris (1998 PhD, English) is Assistant Director of Writing Programs, UCLA.

Valerie Hotchkiss (1990 PhD, Medieval Studies) is director of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Professor of Medieval Studies and Library Science.


#1.  Digital Humanities and Humanties in Tech.



Peter Andersen (1978 MS, Physics), moderator, is the Chief Investment Officer of Congress Wealth Management, Boston, MA.

Glen Hickey (1974 PhD, Physics) has enjoyed an active career in his native Australia as an executive leader in financial services with a specialization in information technology.  He is a principal at Stamford Associates, based in Melbourne. 

Heidi Knoblauch (2012 MA, American Studies, 2015 PhD, History) is an Experimental Humanities Digital Projects Coordinator at Bard College in New York.

Donald Waters (1982 PhD, Anthropology) is Senior Program Officer for Scholarly Communications, Mellon Foundation, New York.

Vincent Wilczynski is deputy dean at the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science, and director of the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation & Design.

#2.  Careers in Science, On the Bench or Off. .



Shanta Whitaker (2008 PhD, Microbiology), moderator, is a health policy consultant at LMI in McLean, Virginia. She also has a 2013 MPH from Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Anna Barry (1998 PhD, Chemistry), is Vice President of Legal and Corporate Secretary at Jounce Therapeutics, Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Nadya Morales-Cummings (2008 PhD, Microbiology), is a project manager in the biotechnology and biocontrol group at BASF Corporation in Tarrytown, NY.

Paul Pearlman (2011 PhD, Electrical Engineering), is a science policy advisor at the National Cancer Institute, Washington, D.C.

Justin Thaler (2009 BS, Computer Science) is a research scientist at Yahoo Labs in New York City. He has a 2013 PhD in computer science from Harvard.

#3. Start Your Own, or Join a Venture.



Katherine Miller (2005 PhD, Neurobiology), moderator, is an attorney in the Patent Counseling & Prosecution practice of Cooley, LLP, located in Boston.

Jim Boyle (1994 PhD, Chemical Engineering) is executive director of the Yale Entrepreneurial Insititute (YEI).

Susan Froshauer is president and CEO at CURE (connecting Connecticut's science community), and advisor and mentor at the Yale Entrepreneurial Insitute.  She holds a PhD from Harvard in cell biology and was a postdoc at Yale.

James Murphy (2011 BA, Humanities) is CEO of EquityNet in New York, executive partner of Proton Enterprises in Naples, Florida, and director of LEVE Foundation.

Barry Schweitzer (1989 PhD, Pharmacology) is Venture Partner at Elm Street Ventures in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Additional speaker to be announced.

#4.  Tenure-Track Jobs in the Academy.



Melissa Marcucci (2004 PhD, Cell Biology), moderator, is Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, University of Saint Joseph, Hartford, Connecticut.

R. Tripp Evans  (1998 PhD, History of Art) is Mary L. Heuser Chair in the Arts at Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

Jeffrey McCutcheon (2007 PhD) is Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Connecticut.

Additional speaker to be announced.

#4. Careers in Foundations, Nonprofits and Museums.


Susan Ball (1978 PhD, History of Art), moderator, is deputy director of the Bruce Museum of Arts and Science in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Louise Bernard (2005 PhD, African American Studies & American Studies) is involved in exhibit design for the National Museum of African American History as a senior content developer and interpretive planner with Ralph Appelbaum Associates, New York City.

Julia Marciari-Alexander (1999 PhD, History of Art) is executive director of Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.

Jack Meyers (1972 BA) is president of the Rockefeller Archive Foundation in New York. He holds a PhD in English and American Literature from the University of Chicago.

4:30–6:00 pm:  Networking Reception at the Golden Center, 268 Park Street.  Drinks, hors d’oeuvres and conversation for students and alumni.

Additional alumni will be participating in the workshop as mentors. They will attend the luncheon and reception, and may also join the discussion in relevant breakout sessions:

Rene Benitez (1986 MA, International and Development Economics) is an investment banker and entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia, and Manila, The Philippines.  .

Tom Curtis (1968 PhD, Physics), now retired, had a varied career spanning research, applied research, development work, government-sponsored research and entrepreneurial academic interaction.

Bernt Hagtvet (1974 MPhil, Political Science) is a professor of political science at the Unversity of Oslo.

Andrew Richter (1979 PhD, Sociology) is former Senior Vice President, Compensation & Benefits, at NBC Universal in New York.

Stephen Scher (1956 BA, 1966 PhD, History of Art) taught for twelve years at Brown, and then took over his family's chemical manufacturing business for thirty years, at the same time continuing his work in art history outside the academy.