Redpath FAQs

Redpath Seminar FAQs

Question: How many people do you expect will attend the St. Louis Symposium?
Answer:  Approximately 100-150 alumni and guests.

Question: Is there a discount rate for Young Alumni?
Answer: No.  The symposium is heavily subsidized by the Redpath Endowment.

Question: May I purchase books fwritten by the Speakers?
Answer: There will be booksellers on site at the Missouri History Museum during the morning break.

Question: What do past Redpath attendess say about the day?
Answers: "A very balanced and interesting panel discussion." Janet Purdy Levaux '86.  "Very timely and important topic; excellent faculty with good interaction with the attendees." Jim Fougekis '64 LLB.

Question: I am unable to attend on February 14, 2014, but would like to be on your mailing list for future Yale Redpath seminars. How do I do this?
Answer: Please send an e-mail to

Question: I need to update my contact information at Yale. Where can I do that?
Answer: You can easily update your contact information on the Yale Online Alumni Directory. For additional information, please visit: