Reunion Giving

Reunion Giving Contacts

Marta Goldman: 5th, 10th & 15th

Angelina Stackpole: 20th & 55th

Jessica Fenner: 25th, 35th, & 65th

Sara Schock: 30th & 45th

Jamie Sadek: 40th & 60th 

Chris Seager: 50th

What is a reunion gift ?
  • A reunion gift is a "stretch" commitment above and beyond ongoing annual support of the Alumni Fund or other areas of the university.
  • Payments may be made over as a many as many as five years
  • Reunion gifts typically comprise:
    • A larger-than- usual unrestricted gift to the Alumni Fund
    • A multi-year annual pledge
    • A capital gift paired with an Alumni Fund contribution

What counts in the reunion gift?

Nearly all new gifts and pledges made from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2018, including:

  • Annual gifts to the Yale College Alumni Fund
  • Contributions to graduate or professional school annual/alumni funds
  • Capital gifts, e.g. financial aid, travel fellowships, research, faculty support
  • Gifts to athletic associations 
  • Many types of planned gifts
  • For classes of 1996 and prior, Quarter Century Fund gifts and investment returns will be added in aggregate to the 25th Reunion gift
  • Class dues and secret society contributions do not count in the reunion gift

Why is the reunion gift important?

  • Support for students and faculty is necessary to sustain Yale's world-class teaching and research
  • Every dollar counts! Participation is a benchmark of alumni satisfaction and helps Yale attract corporate and foundation grants

Annual vs Capital Giving, whats the differance?

Unrestricted gifts: gifts to the alumni fund

  • Everyone in a reunion year is asked to make an annual gift to  the Alumni Fund, regardless of any additional commitments  they may make. Under the umbrella of the Alumni Fund, classmates may choose to direct their support to any of six broad categories: unrestricted, financial aid, faculty support/curriculum development, facilities, undergraduate life, or library resources.
  • A larger-than-usual annual gift to the Alumni Fund or a stretch multi-year annual pledge, payable over as many as five years, is a great way to mark the reunion year!
Restricted or capital gifts: match your interests with yale’s needs
  • Capital gifts are payable over as many as five years and match a donor’s interests with the university’s needs and priorities. Examples include:
    • Financial Aid, e.g., Endowed Scholarships
    • Graduate and Professional School Fellowships 
    •  Faculty Support Funds and Endowed Professorshipsr’s 
    • President’s Fund and Provost’s Resource Fund
    • International Initiatives 
    • Science and Technology
    • Athletics

What communications can I expect to receive this year?

  • You’ll be hearing from the AYA and your Class with event-related information
  • You may hear from Reunion Gift Committee members and staff about your reunion gift to Yale
  • You may hear from Class Agents and Bulldog Callers about Alumni Fund contributions.

For questions about giving back

Yale University, Office of Development