"Understanding Recruiting and Effective Delegation of People"

Personal Motivation and Recruiting

People respond positively when the job being offered them "fits" their own personal motivation. David McClellan and John Atkinson developed three major classifications for people to identify what turns them "on". Please note:

  1. Everyone has all three types of motivation but one dominates.
  2. People change constantly so that a person you matched perfectly 2 years ago may not find the same satisfaction in that job now.
  3. Simultaneously a person can be one motivation in one setting (i.e., home) and a second in another setting (i.e., work).
  4. A person's "back up" motivation is important to know for placement options.
  5. All people want their energies to lead to success.
  6. All three categories can have a positive or negative side...a critical distinction for a recruiter!


A. Achievement People

  1. Are motivated by working toward goals.
  2. Need checkpoints during work to know they are on track.
  3. Need specific instructions that are measurable.
  4. Love challenges and to beat previous records.
  5. Are organized.
  6. Like to problem solve.
  7. Can work well alone.


Achievement People Love Assignments Such As:

  1. Fund Raisers
  2. Membership campaigns
  3. Events
  4. Research and analysis
  5. Reports
  6. Chair/leadership positions
  7. Executive directorships
  8. Nitty-gritty work.


B. Affiliation People

  1. Are motivated by relationship opportunities.
  2. Want everyone to be happy.
  3. Love 'teams' or committee assignments.
  4. Attend to how people feel in your organization.
  5. Care about what people think of them.
  6. Work well under people who are friendly and like personal relationships with subordinates.
  7. Respond to direct work with clients.
  8. Prefer to work with other people on assignments.


Affiliation People Love Assignments Such As:

  1. Task force members
  2. Hospitality committee
  3. Banquet committee
  4. Recognition events
  5. Case worker
  6. Senior center worker
  7. Friendly visitor
  8. Social activity worker


C. Power People

  1. Positively work to empower others.
  2. Want to impact and influence.
  3. Like to inspire others.
  4. Think long term.
  5. Can work alone or in tandem with others.
  6. Understand the political aspects of work.
  7. Read people well.
  8. Like to be used as a resource.
  9. Feel information is critical to success.


Power People Love Assignments Such As:

  1. Public speaking
  2. Fund raising one-on-one or to a group.
  3. Writing newspaper articles.
  4. Being a CEO.
  5. Chairing events that bring public attention to a cause.
  6. Managing many people.
  7. Solving complex problems.
  8. Those which offer great creativity and flexibility
  9. Those that someone says "Can't" be done (challenge).


Copyright © 1988 McCurley & Vineyard 101 Recruitment. Originally appeared on California Alumni Association's Online Resource Leadership Center