Where do I go from Yale - Panelist Bios

Panel on Government & Non-Profit Sector - BIOGRAPHIES

George M. Camp
(Ph.D. 1967, Sociology) has served as director of the Missouri Department of Corrections, first deputy commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, assistant commissioner of the New York City Department of Corrections, and associate warden at the U.S. Penitentiary in Marion, IL. Currently, he is co-president of the Criminal Justice Institute, a national prison consulting firm, where he directs projects to improve operations, services and programs in federal, state, and local correctional institutions, and prison systems.

Martyna Fox (Ph.D. 1993, History) has worked for the State Department's Foreign Service Institute, where she chairs Eurasian, Caucasus, and Russian area studies, for the past 17 years. She frequently lectures on current Russian affairs as well as on Russian history and culture at many other government agencies. 

Tom Gustafson (Ph.D. 1982, Economics) is a Washington-based health policy consultant.  He served for 30 years at the US Department of Health and Human Services -- from the time he left New Haven until four years ago -- working on policy development, legislation, regulations, research, and operations.  In his last position he was the senior civil servant in charge of the original Medicare program. 

Colleen Shogan (Ph.D. 2002, Political Science) is currently serving as acting senior advisor for the director at the Congressional Research Service (CRS).  Since coming to CRS in 2008, Colleen has also served as the manager of the Congress and Judiciary research section and as the chief of the Government and Finance Division.  Prior to CRS, she was an assistant professor of government at George Mason University, an American Political Science Association Congressional fellow, and a policy staffer in the Senate.  Her Yale dissertation was published as a book, "The Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents," by Texas A & M University Press in 2006.  She was recently named a Stennis Congressional Staff Fellow for the 112th Congress, and currently teaches a graduate seminar on American politics at Georgetown University.