Yale Alumni College - Spring 2015 Rye, NY

The Osborn- Rye, NY


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"The Mystery of Sleep"
Mondays, March 9th - April 13th, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Professor Meir Kryger MD FRCPC - Click here for Professor's Bio.

We sleep about a third of every day. For most of us that will be 20 to 30 years of our total time on Earth. All living things, from viruses, to cells, to insects, to reptiles, to birds to animals have periods each day when they are active and when they are inactive. Is sleep a waste of time when we could be productive? Is it a time when we are resting and safe? Do our dreams and sleep take us into other worlds? Are these worlds wonderful or dangerous? Why are artists fascinated by sleep? Why are scientists and physicians fascinated by sleep? Why are you fascinated by sleep? What are sleep disorders and why can they be so distressing and even deadly? What can we do to treat these disorders? This seminar series will attempt answer all these questions and to cover all these topics and unravel the mystery of sleep.