Yale Book Award - Information

The Yale Book Award for Secondary Schools - Award Information

  1. Order Yale Book Award SelectionsYale Clubs and Alumni Associations make this award available. It is presented to outstanding students at the end of their junior year at public and private secondary schools in the area served by the Club or Association.
  2. The Club or Association determines the number of awards and schools in which awards are given; schools are selected from among those that send or are capable of sending students to Yale.
  3. The Club or Association making the award, in consultation with the appropriate school officials, determines the criteria for the award, which should include "outstanding personal character and intellectual promise."
  4. Ideally, the selection of the students given awards is made by a committee composed of members of the Club or Association and officials of the school concerned. The selection may be left in the hands of the school if the Club or Association authorizes this procedure.
  5. Once you have chosen the recipient(s) for the Yale Book Award in your area, send us the name(s) and home address(es) of the recipient(s). We will forward this information to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  6. Competition for an award is to be within each school, rather than among schools.
  7. Every effort is made to maintain a high degree of prestige and visibility for the Award in each Club or Association area. Local publicity is recommended.
  8. The Club or Association, along with the local Alumni Schools Committee(s), closely coordinates the Award in each area.
  9. A book designated by the Association of Yale Alumni may be used as a symbol of the award, although an appropriate alternate book selected by the Club or Association may be used. A Yale Book Award bookplate is to be affixed to the awarded book in both cases.
  10. A Yale Book Award bookplate will be forwarded, free of charge, with each book that your Club/Association orders. These bookplates should be placed on the inside front cover of each Yale Book Award book. Clubs/Associations that wish to offer their own choice of books or wish to purchase one of our recommendations in their local community are welcome to do so. In that case, we will supply the appropriate number of bookplates at your request. Please let us know which books you choose.
  11. As always, please send us any photos of award presentations or Book Award recipients that might be taken at an Award Ceremony for possible inclusion on the AYA webpage.