Yale Club of Boston - How would you vote?

Yale Club of Boston - How would you vote?
Thu, 11/11/2010 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Was Bismarck correct when he suggested that to appreciate either sausage or legislation, one should see neither being made?  You’ll get to try your hand at voting on some tough ethical dilemmas, as former Massachusetts State Representative and former Yale Lecturer Larry Alexander (YC ’72) presents some real-life quandaries that legislators face. The solutions are not always obvious: a legislator trying to do the right thing often has problems figuring out just exactly what the right thing is.  Having taught Yale undergraduates over two recent Spring semesters, Alexander will ask you how you would confront competing pressures from party leaders, constituents, lobbyists, the media, religious leaders, friends, legislative colleagues – as well as from your conscience and your overwhelming desire to win reelection.  If your conscience tells you to vote one way, but your district wants you to vote the opposite way, what’s the right vote? Should you always vote on the merits of an issue or should you sometimes vote the way your party’s leadership wants you to vote? Which way will make you sleep better? Which way will maximize your effectiveness? You get to decide! Come join us for an exciting evening.

Thursday, November 11
$25 - For more information and to register, visit the Yale Club of Boston website
You can also register by sending a check to Yale Club of Boston, PO Box 812934, Wellesley, MA 02482
Union Club - 8 Park St, Boston (map)