Yale Club of Los Angeles - Feb Club

Yale Club of Los Angeles - Feb Club
Sat, 02/26/2011 - 7:00pm

Feb Club

Saturday, February 26th 7-10 pm

Busby's West, 3110 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90494

Main event: Quite simply, it's the world's largest multi-location, multi-generation, multi-inspiration university alumni event (we think). No speeches, no fundraising, no agendas; every city and every year different . . . just a little casual fun to warm the (northern hemisphere's) coldest month.

So come out and be part of ensuring that LA’s Feb Club is the best ever and, of course, trumps all the other Feb Clubs world-wide.

Come on LA! Let’s show them who can TANG, who can PONG, and who can Pound a Mory’s Cup! That’s right – dig down and remember the critical partying skills you acquired on a college quad in the dead of winter one February night long, long ago.

We'll have half of Busby's reserved just for us -- offering us the opportunity to engage in many, many shenanigans and behavior for which we should all surely be too old.

Tell your friends and get your tickets now -- so we can load up on the Mory’s cup supplies.

Get Ready. Feb Club Emeritus LAX 2011

Countdown starts now!!!

Boola, Boola! ---  ---

Price: $15/person

Price includes souvenir Feb Club 2011 beer glass and as much beer, Mory's Cups, and bar food as we can get for everyone with the total funds collected! Click here to buy tickets!!!