YaleGALE Training

YaleGALE Training
Sat, 04/16/2011 (All day)

April 16 Training and Preparation Day
Are you prepared to share your expertise about Yale? Here is a short quiz:
When was the Association of Yale Alumni started… and why?
Where was the first Yale Club founded and why?
When was the first Yale College class reunion?
How many people attended reunions in 2010? (Bonus points for including Class and SIG (Shared Interest Group) reunions…)
How do you start a SIG and why would you? And, the most basic question of all, why do Yale alumni give back so much to Yale and to their communities?

We (you!) need to be prepared to answer these questions and many more when we make presentations, facilitate small group discussions, meet Chinese alumni over dinner, and host the World Alumni Leadership
Conference. In addition to these alumni relations questions, as ―ambassadors‖ we need to be aware of cultural sensitivities. We need to be understand what we can appropriately discuss and, even more important, what we should not discuss when we are there - we must not come across as all-knowing or condescending – as much as we have to share, the Chinese are eager to demonstrate that they have much to share as well. Remember, we are diplomats! and vocabulary, translation facilities, local area information, facilitation techniques, presentation techniques, and more…

We are scheduling an orientation and planning retreat on Saturday, April 16 in order to discuss these issues and more - terminology You are also welcome to join us for dinner the evening of the 16th with the participants of the Yale Alumni Service Corps program in Xiuning, who will be having their orientation and planning session on April 17.

Although certainly not mandatory, we highly encourage you to attend.  The orientation day will be held in either New Haven or New York…stay tuned for details. Please let us know by email to kathy@edersheim.net if you think you will join us for this orientation and planning session so we can plan the spaces. Note that if you would like to be a presenter (not sure yet how many presenters we will have), it will be VERY helpful for you to be in attendance.