Yale Alumni Academy: Viking Voyages

Join Yale Alumni Academy on Yale's campus this summer for Viking Voyages: Scandinavia, Russia, and Beyond. Stanley Woodward Professor of History Valerie Hansen and Associate Professor of English Emily Thornbury lead this journey through four centuries of epic Viking exploits with a focus on history, literature, and archaeological study.

This immersive seminar course takes place on Yale`s campus and is team-taught by two exemplary Yale faculty leaders. It will traverse the lands and seas that the Vikings once dominated from Northern Europe, westward to Newfoundland Island in Canada and east to Central Asia. Together, we aim to recover the total Viking experience, reading the tales Vikings told about their exploits, learning about their gods and myths, and studying eye-witness accounts of their raids.

Working closely with your faculty leaders, examine the archeological traces of their settlements in Greenland, Iceland, Eastern Europe, and North America, analyzing why experts accept some discoveries, reject others as outright forgeries, and leave yet others in a gray zone awaiting further evidence. During this week of intensive study, you will challenge popular conceptions of Viking heritage, uncover the evidence behind the mysteries, and develop new theories of your own through challenging dialogue with faculty, special guest lecturers and stimulating peers. The course syllabus will be available to registrants upon confirmation of your participation.

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