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Class Awards

Class Distinguished Service awards are bestowed at 5-year reunions to recognize and thank classmates who have dedicated time, energy and enthusiasm to the Class.  Awardees are selected by the class leadership

Guidelines for the Awarding of the Class Award For Distinguished Service to One's Class

Class Delegates & Assemblies

Delegate Expenses
Our AYA delegate and the class officers will be attending the November AYA Assembly and we’d like to cover the travel expenses out of our class treasury. How do I do that?

Contacting Classmates & Use of Alumni Data

Contacting Classmates

Where can I get a list of all classmates with contact information?

To contact an individual classmate, you can look up the most up-to-date information Yale has through the Online Alumni Directory (go to www.aya.yale.edu and click on "Alumni Directory"). If you have not yet registered for the OAD, there are instructions on the website for logging in.

Class Communications

My class is holding an event in a few weeks. How do I get the word out to my classmates?

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