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Class Finances

What are the appropriate uses of class treasury funds?

The class treasuries have 501(c)3 status under Yale's umbrella, and are therefore governed by relevant IRS regulations. As such, funds are intended to develop a strong and enduring Class structure in order to further the interests, welfare, and educational purposes of the Class and of Yale University. In addition to the cost of your class's group subscription to the Yale Alumni Magazine, which is sent to all classmates, treasury monies may be used for:

Class Governance

While the governance of each class is determined by that class and by any by-laws established by the class officers & class council, the AYA's has some general guidelines on the duties of the officers as suggested "best practices."

Secretary & Treasurer share responsibility for the following:

Attendance Building Letters

Click on the link below for sample Attendance Building letters:








Attendance Building Emails

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Attendance Building Basics

You won’t be surprised to hear that one-on-one contact with your classmates will make all the difference in your reunion attendance. Since it’s unlikely that each of you will be able to establish contact with every classmate, we urge you to recruit an attendance chair and an enthusiastic group of volunteers to help build attendance. If you have a reunion committee, you can start with that group, but you should reach out further.

Bands & Entertainment

Click on the link below to view the bands & entertainment list:







Reunion Souvenirs

Choosing Reunion Souvenirs
Reunion souvenirs come in many different varieties, from the elegant silk scarf to the water bottle emblazoned with the class logo.   Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choices:

AYA-Reunion Chair Partnership

The AYA and reunion chairs work together as partners throughout the entire reunion planning cycle.   Sometimes the amount of work to be done can seem daunting! To give chairs a better idea of what they need to do, and what they can rely upon their AYA staff liaison to do, we’ve compiled the following list:



Reunion Chair:

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