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Role of the Reunion Chair

How do reunions get put together?  What does the AYA do, and what do chairs do?  Here, in a nutshell, are the answers:


The AYA is responsible for:

Sample Communications

Mini Reunions

1945W in Charleston


1951 in Los Angeles


1954 in San Francisco

Event Registration Mailing Guidelines

Your goal as event organizer is to provide as much specific information as possible to your classmates in a clear, concise manner. Sending a complete registration mailing will not only dramatically reduce the number of phone calls you receive, in many cases it will eliminate the need for follow up mailings. The mailing can and should include program costs, schedule, hotel information, climate & dress code, and more.

Mini Reunion Planning Checklist

This checklist is intended as a helpful tool for class volunteers as you go through the planning process. Your first step should be to read the Mini Reunion Guidelines thoroughly, which includes best practices & further details on all of the items on this list. For further questions and discussion, please contact Karen Jahn at AYA (karen.jahn@yale.edu, 203-432-1954).

Mini Reunions

One of the fastest-growing types of Yale College class activities for Classes of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are mini reunions. These classmate-organized events average two to four days and are held in a variety of locations around the country and around the world. Mini reunions offer a wonderful opportunity to broaden classmate involvement, strengthen ties, and frequently draw a different segment of the class than 5-year reunions or other class events such as dinners in New York City.

Class Events


First step – contact the AYA - we are here to help!  In many cases we can:

In Appreciation

Each year dozens of class volunteers devote their time and talent to organizing class dinners, mini-reunions, reunions and other class activities.  The AYA wishes to recognize and thank each and every one of those whose efforts have supported their Class and the University.


Class Events & Mini Reunions

Planning a Class Event or Mini Reunion?  Use the links below to find information assembled especially for those type of events:







For Reunion Volunteers

Use the links below to find information assembled especially for Reunion Volunteers:


For Class Volunteers

Use the links below to find information assembled especially for Class Volunteers:


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