Regional Volunteers

Getting Name Lists

As Club and Association boards and committees begin planning each year’s activities, it is important to have up-to-date information concerning the alumni residing in your Club or Association territory.


Sample E-mail Communications

E-mail invitations can be as varied as paper invitations. However, they are much less expensive to produce and distribute. An e-mail can state nothing but the simplest details of an event or it can include pictures. Of course, if you have a website, providing a link to your website in the email is always a good idea.


Sample 1

Club:Yale Club of Washington
Event: Alumni Bowling Day

Subject: multi-college alumni bowling even


Sample Print Invitations

Planning an event is only part of the challenge. For it to go well, you have to make sure that you will have attendees. See the sample invitations below for ideas on how to announce your event. Emailing your constituency Of course, you may simply choose to email alumni in your area to announce an event. Many clubs choose to combine approaches, sending paper invitations initiallly and an email reminder closer to the event. Daunted by the prospect of emailing your constituency? Click here for hints and samples.

Sample Newsletters

Successful club newsletters can vary from simple single color single page photocopies to complex multi page full color works of art. The mechanism of distribution can vary as well, from mail, to email, to website posting, however, they should be regular. Below we have compiled an assortment of newsletters, some scans of hard copies, some distributed by email, all useful for promoting club involvement!

Communicating with your Members

Communicating with your membership frequently is one of the most important ways to maintain an active and interested constituency. Below you will find links to materials and ideas that will assist you in this important task.


Inviting Student Singing Groups

Yale has dozens of musical performance groups. The 18 close-harmony a cappella student singing groups (listed here) are the ones most often seen by Yale Clubs, since most of them do concert tours throughout the year.

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