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Yale Book Award - Information

The Yale Book Award for Secondary Schools - Award Information

Yale Book Award


Every year, Yale Clubs recognize outstanding juniors in local secondary schools by presenting books to them or to their schools. Clubs participating in this program help to:

Planning Club Events

Use the links below for information on programs and speaker that will help you in planning a variety of events that may appeal to a greater cross-section of your membership.

Media Kit

Click on the link below to download a copy of the Yale Alumni Association word mark.










Advice & Examples

Ideas in Event Planning

Here are some thoughts we often share with Yale Club leaders who are looking for new ideas in planning Club events. In some cases we’ve listed examples of what other Clubs have done that illustrate a certain type of event.


Why organize events at all?

Many Yale Clubs seem to think that their primary reason for existence is to organize events. They tend to measure their success by how many events they can do every year, and how many people attend.


Use the links below to find essential information and exciting ideas for planning programs for your Club or Association:



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