Assembly LXIV

The New Yale - A Decade of Extraordinary Progress
November 11-13, 2004

Remarkable changes have taken place at Yale over the last ten years. Participants at this Assembly visited new and renovated campus buildings, learned about ways Yale is reaching out around the world, and saw the changes that have taken place in the city Yale calls home.

Assembly LXV

In After Years
November 17-19, 2005

Assembly LXVI: November 9-11, 2006

For God, For Country and For Yale:
The Importance of Service at Yale and Beyond

Past attendees will recall that each Assembly is developed around a particular theme or broad subject area. At Assembly LXVI, we will explore the importance of service in the life of the University. The program will feature a number of student organizations, as well as university-sponsored initiatives. We invite you to read on for more details.


Assembly LXVII: November 15-17, 2007

Yale in a Green World:
Meeting the Challenge of Sustainability

Assembly LXVIII: November 13-15, 2008

From Print to Pixel:
Carrying Forward the Legacy of Publishing at Yale

Past Assemblies

  • Assembly LXXVII  ·  Fall 2017
    Creating Communities at Yale
  • Assembly LXXVI  ·  Fall 2016
    Teaching to Our Strengths: Yale’s Schools of Art, Architecture, Drama and Music

Assembly LXXII: November 8-10, 2012

AYA Assembly LXXII

The goal of Assembly LXXII (Nov. 8–10, 2012) was to understand why alumni service is important to Yale; to showcase the service-enabling programs now supported by the AYA, most of which did not exist five years ago; and to explore the many ways Yale alumni can be engaged in volunteer service today.

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