Volunteer Resources Communications Toolkit


Included here are information and tools that will help you, as alumni leaders, to communicate effectively with your members and fellow alumni. Please reach out to us if you require further assistance.

YAA Identity

  • Referring to the Yale Alumni Association

    Use Yale Alumni Association on first reference. Upon second reference, YAA is acceptable, as is “the alumni association.” Do not use “Yale Alumni” (referring to our association) as it will be easily confused with “Yale alumni” (as in, alumni of Yale).

Social Media

  • Strategy

    If you are thinking about incorporating social media as part of your communications strategy, first consider your goals to determine which platform is best to use.

    Is your audience primarily internal to your group or are you trying to reach a broader audience? Twitter and Instagram are open to anyone and everyone. Facebook can exist as a page (open to everyone) or as a group (approval required to be a member of the group and to see and post content).

    What resources are needed to maintain your social media presence? Social media accounts need to be updated regularly to thrive and require regular monitoring to respond to comments and requests.

  • Social Media Platforms

    Which platforms are right for your organization?

  • YAA-Affiliated Social Media

    Explore some of the social media sites affiliated with the Yale Alumni Association.

  • Policies That Affect Social Media

    Consider privacy requirements. For more, see Data & Policies below.

    Connect with some of the many existing Yale-related social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

  • Email is a powerful communications tool, but it also has limitations.


  • Websites are a great way to give your organization additional legitimacy and visibility through internet search results.

Data & Policies

  • Updating Alumni Address Information

    Encourage your group's members to keep their contact information current with the university. Doing so will ensure you can reach them successfully and they will stay up to date on all the latest Yale news and information.

  • Confidentiality Policy for Alumni Affairs and Development Volunteers

    Volunteers for Yale University may have access to confidential information about alumni, parents, students, corporations, foundations, and friends of the university, including donors and prospective donors. This access is provided to volunteers on a need-to-know basis and is granted for the sole purpose of carrying out assigned volunteer responsibilities for Yale University.

    All constituent information compiled and maintained by Yale should be treated as confidential and utilized only as needed in the context of a volunteer's responsibilities. Such information is the property of the university and may not be distributed or used for unauthorized purposes or for personal gain. If volunteers receive requests for an individual’s contact information they may direct alumni to the online alumni directory on the Yale Alumni Association (YAA) website at alumni.yale.edu.

Last updated: December 3, 2018