AYA Redpath Seminar - Healthcare Beyond Obamacare: Bridging Policy to Practice

Healthcare Beyond Obamacare: Bridging Policy to Practice

An Educational Program for Healthcare Providers and Consumers

SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2015

Program Description:  Meet health policy experts from leading academic institutions and share best practices in healthcare transformation. This program will improve your understanding of the legal, ethical, and economic impact of the Affordable Care Act as healthcare consumers and providers. World-renowned health policy experts will provide academic input of key policy implications around access, payment, quality and data transparency. Frontline providers and consumers will inform policy experts of the success, challenges, and innovation from real world practices.

Who Should Attend:  All Yale Alumni, all healthcare providers and consumers interested in meaningful dialogue and education, and members of the Portland community are invited to attend.

For detailed informaiton please visit: http://yaleclubor.org/healthcare/

Watch Video Introduction

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3tLBNUo4Uc

Please RSVP to: https://ivy.yale.edu/alumni_registration/register/for_event/13486\

The Yale Club of Oregon and SW Washington
The Association of Yale Alumni Redpath Seminar
and the Portland InterHospital Physicians Association