Alumni Fellow Nomination Form

Yale alumni vote each spring to elect a new Alumni Fellow to serve a six-year term on the Yale Corporation, the university's governing board of trustees. Acting on behalf of all alumni, a committee of the YAA Board of Governors selects a slate of candidates prominent in their fields, diverse in background, and experienced in leadership; this slate is presented to the Office of Institutional Affairs, which manages the election itself.

In composing the slate of candidates, the Alumni Fellow Nominating Committee takes into account the make-up of the current university Board of Trustees and the broad scope of the university’s operations. While discussions are confidential, the committee generally looks for candidates who have experience working with or in complex organizations.

All alumni are encouraged to recommend qualified candidates for the nominating committee’s consideration using the form below. FAQs regarding the alumni fellow nomination process and the Alumni Fellow Nominating Committee can be found in the Help Center of the YAA website; information about the Yale Corporation, ballots, voter eligibility, and the election process can be found on the Alumni Fellow Election website.

All information that you submit will be kept confidential. It is not necessary to submit complete or comprehensive information, as the Nominating Committee will conduct additional research on all candidates. You should, however, testify to those aspects or qualities of a candidate that you believe most warrant the Committee’s consideration.

Nominee's Information:

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