Volunteer Recognition

A Tradition of Service to Yale

Alumni at the YAA Assembly
Alumni volunteers at YAA Assembly

The Yale Alumni Association applauds the dedication and accomplishments of Yale’s many volunteers, whether alumni, faculty, or friends of Yale. When volunteers  give of their time and their talent, they demonstrate that the best of Yale can be the best for Yale.

We honor and recognize those individuals and alumni groups whose service stands out, including faculty engaged in alumni programs,  volunteer leaders, and outstanding alumni organizations.

L to R: Tim Collins, Andrea DaRif, Ed Hirs, John Jackson, and David Sanchez

Yale's highest honor for individual service to Yale

The recipients of the 2019 ASC Awards and the YAA Leadership and Excellence Awards

Looking for a particular award winner? All past recipients can be found on our Award Recipient page and can be indexed by award, name, and year.