BOLD | Bulldogs of the Last Decade

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BOLD | Bulldogs of the Last Decade

You Are Already Part of the Yale Community — What's Next?

A Yale degree is just the beginning. BOLD, or Bulldogs of the Last Decade, is your link to curated opportunities for recent grads. Start here and find ways to connect with your fellow Yalies and expand your network, both online and at events happening around the world.

BOLD Change Makers
  • Upcoming Event

BOLD Change Makers

Join us for a panel discussion with BOLD Alumni who are fighting COVID-19 through social entrepreneurship. Hear how each of their various organizations has tackled different issues born out of this pandemic.

Yale Terms Explained

Yale Alumni Terms Explained

In an effort to demystify some of the lingo used here at the Yale Alumni Association, we created a glossary of Yale Alumni terms with definitions. Never be left wondering "what does that acronym mean?" again.


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Welcome Incoming Students

The incoming Class of 2024 is entering a Yale that will look and feel very different from a normal first year in New Haven. Let’s make them feel welcome to our community by painting a picture of how great it can and will be! Think back to your first semester at Yale. What was it like? What was your biggest takeaway? What is something you wish someone had told you?

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Cross Campus
  • Cross Campus

Connect with Yale Mentors Online Now

Cross Campus is Yale’s new networking, community-building, and mentoring platform. Cross Campus facilitates relationships among Yalies – whether alumni to student or alumni to recent alumni – and is open to all Yale students and alums.

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Info Accordions

Jeannie Daniel
Assistant Director, Recent Graduate Engagement
Classes 2010-2020
5th & 10th Reunions
(203) 436-8013

Amanda Baker
Senior Associate Director, Young Alumni
(203) 436-8566

Devyn Evans
Assistant Director, Young Alumni
Classes of 2013-2019
(203) 432-7717

Emma Pickett
Assistant Director, Young Alumni
Classes of 2008-2012
(203) 436-8564

Kristin Walton
Assistant Director, Reunion Giving
5th, 10th & 15th Reunions
(203) 432-6309

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