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Genevieve Gaignard '14 MFA's piece, Trailblazer (A Dream Deferred), 2017
  • Assembly and Convocation

Arts in Conversation Q&A: Genevieve Gaignard ’14 MFA and Key Jo Lee ’13 MA

In advance of their October 21 Assembly and Convocation "Arts in Conversation" discussion, artist Genevieve Gaignard '14 MFA and scholar and arts educator Key Jo Lee '13 MA sat down with us to discuss what it means to pursue a career in the humanities at a time of global change, how the pandemic has affected their work, and their advice to current students.

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Yale Alumni Academy: Climate Change Conversations
  • Learn Online

Yale Alumni Academy: Climate Change Conversations

Join Yale Alumni Academy for a two-week series of conversations on Climate Change. Engage with distinguished professors and alumni on the issues facing our planet. Discover how climate change is felt through water, the attitudes and politics surrounding climate change, health ramifications, religious and ethical responses, and the effects of climate change on the economy. 

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  • 50WomenAtYale150

Celebrating 150 Years of Women at Yale

Yale is commemorating the 50th anniversary of coeducation in Yale College and the 150th anniversary of women students at the university. This campus-wide celebration includes lectures, exhibitions, and performances throughout the anniversary year.