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Connect with fellow alumni based on geography, shared interest and identity, or class affiliation! Read below for information on alumni-led organizations and groups supported by YAA, and search our site to find contact info for the groups that appeal to you.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are your opportunity to engage with other alumni through affiliations, identities, and professions, cutting across class years, schools, and regional clubs. From longstanding organizations like Yale GALA (Yale’s LGBT alumni group) to emerging organizations such as 1stGenYale, you’ll find dozens of groups that cover the breadth of Yalies’ interests and identities.

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Interest Groups engage in so many ways: local chapter events, on-campus reunions or anniversaries, Day of Service sites, student mentoring, and more – anything that brings alumni together around their common interests!

Browse the list of current interest groups, sign up for events, and get involved!

Some interest groups have local chapters in addition to a national organization. Chapter information can be found here.

Did you play a varsity sport at Yale? To get involved in your team’s association, check out the Yale Alumni Sports Association site here.

Yale Alumni Association At-Large Delegates are appointed by the YAA Board to join representatives of other alumni organizations at the YAA Assembly.

For more information on delegate service, please visit the YAA Assembly Help page.

To apply to serve as an At-Large Delegate, please submit your application here.

Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale

The Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale is celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout the 2019-20 school year.

50 Women at Yale 150

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of coeducation in Yale College and 150 years of the first women students at the university overall.

Regional Clubs

Yale clubs are your starting point for finding your local Yale community! With more than 120 domestic and 40 international clubs, covering almost every point on the globe, you can connect with friends old and new, continue to learn for a lifetime, give back to your local community, and explore professional opportunities – all in your area.

Find Your Yale Club

Visit the Groups page on the YAA website to find your Yale club.

Keep Your Information Up To Date

Club membership is based on your home address in Yale's alumni records. Make sure your information is up to date so your local club can let you know about gatherings and activities in your area!

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Yale brings learning to you, through faculty lectures organized by your local Yale club under the YAA-Redpath Speakers Program. Search for upcoming events on our calendar.

Alumni volunteers from regional clubs and associations have been champions of the Yale Day of Service since its founding in 2009. Many Day of Service sites have developed into ongoing, year-round efforts to give back to the local community as well. Learn more.

Your club can honor outstanding high school juniors in local high schools and help build Yale's reputation among families in the area through the Yale Book Award program. Please email us if you would like more information; in the subject line, please note: "Yale Book Award Inquiry."

Feb Club Emeritus is the alumni version of the decades-long campus tradition of a party every night during the doldrums of February in New Haven. Since 2008, alumni volunteers have organized more than 1,000 Feb Club Emeritus events of all sizes, in big cities and small towns, throughout the month of February, all around the world. Everyone is welcome!

Like “Camp Yale,” the idyllic end-of-summer week between the opening of dorms and the beginning of classes, Camp Yale Emeritus encourages young alumni to gather locally during the summer. It’s like a Feb Club session in summer – pure fun, but more likely outdoors and family friendly. This burgeoning tradition is coordinated by BOLD (Bulldogs Of the Last Decade) alumni volunteers.


Regional clubs vary widely in size, school distribution, and founding date. If you want to learn more about the makeup of a group near you, or are just curious about the overall distribution of Yale alumni, we've compiled this list.

Administered by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) in each region conducts interviews of high school students applying to Yale College and strengthens relationships between Yale and local high schools. Most regional Yale clubs partner with the ASC in this mission.

If you're a volunteer leader looking for more information on how to grow or refine your club's offerings, our Regional Club Leaders Toolkit is a great resource. It contains a wealth of information on best practices, from programming ideas to sample governing documents, all geared toward supporting your leadership efforts.

Yale College Classes

Your Yale College class experience continues long after Commencement. You and your classmates share the history of your time at Yale and can provide opportunities for networking, friendships, and support of each other and Yale throughout your lives.
Have questions?  Find the YAA staff person who works with your class leaders.

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Class dues help keep Yale College Classes connected with one another and the university. Class treasury funds help make the following possible:

  • 5-year Class reunions at Yale
  • Class communications
  • Class events between reunion years
  • Special projects as directed by the class officers

Your tax-deductible contribution to your class’s treasury fund helps make Reunion more affordable for all classmates and provides funding for other class programs throughout the year. Please make your annual dues contribution now!

*Prior to selecting your class, please check browser settings to ensure pop up blockers are disabled.

Reunions are the single largest gathering of classmates after graduation! Return to campus every five years to catch up with friends, make new connections, and enjoy seeing all that has changed at Yale since your last visit. You and your classmates shared a specific moment in Yale’s history. Coming back for Reunions is an opportunity to share where life has taken you since. Click here to find out about this year’s program as well as future Reunion dates.

Reunions on campus – from the 5th through the 65th and beyond – are a highlight for many undergraduate alumni. Your class may also sponsor events regionally and virtually between the 5-year reunions. Contact your class officers with ideas and to get involved!

From Yale-Harvard Game tailgates to celebrating milestone birthdays, to multi-class mini-reunions, to informal monthly lunches in major cities, your class has many ways to stay in touch between campus reunions. Check out upcoming class-related events on the calendar or get in touch with your class officers to provide suggestions – and even get involved by organizing an event yourself!

Class notes columns are available online on the Yale Alumni Magazine website (login required). Once there, email your class secretary with news to include in an upcoming notes column in Yale Alumni Magazine.

Current first-years and sophomores: are you interested in meeting alumni? Would you like to represent your class among alumni volunteers from every decade? Consider running for class delegate to represent your class as sophomores or juniors.

Juniors – you can run lead your class through your all-important senior year, including Senior Week, and to then serve as class officers through your 5th Reunion!

More information for both elections is provided during the spring semester each year.

We want you to hear about class events, to receive your Yale Alumni Magazine, and to be in the know about Reunions, all of which require updated contact info!