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Learning might be a lifelong endeavor, but we know it's not your only priority. So to make continuing to learn and grow as easy as possible, Yale comes to you – through Yale Alumni College, courses taught locally by Yale faculty and alumni, and our faculty speakers program, through which faculty travel the world speaking to regional Yale clubs.

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Yale Alumni College brings a piece of Yale to a town near you.
  • Courses

Yale Alumni College

Yale Alumni College provides a unique learning environment for alumni, family, and friends, through small seminars that meet on a weekly basis and focus on a single subject or topic of discussion. These seminars are taught by Yale alumni and sometimes by Yale professors on sabbatical in your area. Regardless, these are can’t-miss events to sate your intellectual curiosity close to home.

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Professor Jay Gitlin and his fellow classmates from the Yale College Class of 1971 at the Laward Awards ceremony in April 2018.
  • Faculty Speakers

Faculty Speakers Near You

Yale has some of the finest faculty in the world, and fortunately for us, they’re also willing travelers who love to teach – whether the audience is current students or students from years past. Visit our Faculty Speakers page to learn more about Redpath Seminars and events featuring faculty speaking in your local area. 

Local Events

Yale features lifelong learning events in locations around the world.

Alumni Groups

Yale's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and professional schools have their own associations, where learning opportunities abound.

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