About the Yale College Class Awards

Info Accordions

  • Living alumni of the represented class
  • Established in recognition and thanks (not for financial contributions or personal accomplishment)
  • Not a prior class award winner

Nominations are made by the class leadership (officers, council or reunion chairs).

  • Selection Process: Spring of the reunion year
  • Award Presentation: Quinquennial on-campus reunion in the spring, usually at the Class Dinner

Recipients are selected by the class leadership (officers, council or reunion chairs).

No more than five awards will be given during any five-year period except for during the first reunion following the establishment of the Class Award where no limit is imposed. The Class Award is optional.  

Alumni Association provides the standard award: Recipient's name, Class, Date of Presentation, "In Recognition of Outstanding Service" and the Alumni Association logo. Classes selecting a different award must define details for the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Director and Assistant Directors for Yale College Classes work closely with each reunion class to prepare awards and maintain permanent records of recipients. 

Class Awards are funded through the Class Treasury, although presented during the reunion, they are not part of the reunion budget.