AYA Assembly & Yale Alumni Fund Convocation

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Mark your calendars! 

AYA Assembly & Yale Alumni Fund Convocation 2018
Thursday–Friday November 8 and 9, 2018

Invited alumni volunteer leaders will come to campus to learn about best practices in working with alumni constituencies, get an update on the Univeristy today from President Salovey and other University leaders, and this year, hear about the groundbreaking advances that are taking place in science at Yale and how those discoveries are having an impact on society. It is also a great opportunity to meet other alumni leaders and to learn about life at Yale today!


What is the Assembly?

The AYA Assembly is the preeminent leadership development program for alumni.It is actually two things: (1) the body of delegates, as outlined by the AYA Constitution, who serve as representatives of the alumni community; and (2) the annual gathering of these delegates back at Yale on the Thursday and Friday just before the last home football game in November. The annual gathering is held as a combined event with the Yale Alumni Fund Convocation for annual fund volunteers.
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Who attends the Assembly & Convocation?

The Assembly/Convocation is designed as a two-day workshop for specifically designated alumni volunteer leaders, who attend by invitation only. (For information about guests, registration and the cost of attending the Assembly, see our FAQ page.) The volunteers officially invited:

  • AYA Delegates. Those appointed by their constituencies, as well as At-Large Delegates selected by the AYA to represent alumni in generall. All delegates serve a three-year term. (If an appointed delegate cannot attend a particular Assembly, the constituency may inform the AYA that it is designating an Alternate Delegate in his/her place just for that year.)
  • Ex-Officio Delegates. The current leaders of recognized alumni bodies as specified in the AYA Constitution: presidents of Yale Clubs, secretaries of Yale College classes, chairs/presidents of graduate and professional school alumni associations, and the chairs/presidents of shared-interest groups (SIGs) who have been authorized by the AYA to send delegates to the Assembly. Ex-officio delegates attend solely on the basis of the office they currently hold. If they cannot attend an Assembly, they are not authorized to designate someone else to attend in their place.
  • G&P alumni association officers. Other officers (vice-president/vice-chair, secretary, treasurer) of graduate and professional school alumni associations.
  • AYA Board of Governors members. Both current and former members of the AYA Board of Governors.
  • Leaders of AYA Initiatives. Officers of the Yale Alumni Service Corps and the Chairs and Regional Directors of the Yale Day of Service.
  • Class treasurers. Treasurers of Yale College classes.
  • SIG leaders. Chairs/presidents of AYA-recognized shared-interest groups (SIGs).
  • Yale Alumni Fund Volunteers. Yale Alumni Fund Board members, chairs of agents, class and school agents, and other volunteers for the annual fund.

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What happens at the Assembly/Convocation?

On Thursday, participants attend informational and educational sessions organized around a theme, usually a particular aspect of Yale life. (Visit the Past Assemblies page for a sampler of themes in recent years.) Sessions on Friday are focused on leadership development, and generally feature small-group breakouts and hands-on sessions designed to be useful to attendees in their volunteer leadership capacities.

Although independent of the Assembly, the Yale Medal Dinner is included as part of Assembly registration for all delegates and other official invitees. This dinner takes place on Thursday night in odd-numbered years, on Friday night in even-numbered years.

Also separate from the Assembly, but open to all, is the Alumni Village hospitality tent hosted by the AYA at the Yale Bowl on Saturday preceding the football game.

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