Participant Testimonials


Over the past 5 years, we have received wonderful feedback from our Alumni Scholars.   We have retained many repeat scholars, a handful who have participated in every semester that we have offered classes in their location.  To those dedicated scholars, we send our thanks.  This is the reason that we have created the Yale Alumni College. 

There is no time, that is a good time, to stop learning. 

~The short story course I took as part of the Yale Alumni College Program was in my opinion the ideal alumni activity: I learned a great deal, met alums I didn't already know, engaged in meaningful conversation and left each evening very proud of being a Yalie. I cannot wait to take another class.- Spring 2017


~The course exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the curriculum and the excellence of the teaching by Paul Kane, and it reminded me with great pride of my educational experience as a Yale undergrad a long time ago. - Spring 2017


~Professor Gilman's class reawakened the joy of discussing poetry and literature with discerning students, guided by an insightful and inspirational mentor. - Spring 2017