Professor Jonathan Holloway

As part of the YAA Board of Governor’s commitment to inclusion, belonging, life-long learning and anti-racism, we are organizing a special section of Professor Jonathan Holloway’s Open Yale Course on African American History. The course is a series of 25 recorded lectures of about 50 minutes each, along with a syllabus of books, articles and videos.

Participants will watch the lectures and do the readings on their own, and then attend one of five weekly study groups to discuss the lectures. In February, we’ll gather online with Dr. Holloway himself to reflect on the experience. It is a rigorous commitment, and a uniquely Yale learning experience that is open to all alumni. The study groups will be hosted, not moderated, and participants will be required to abide by our Community Agreement and Multicultural Guidelines.

Choose one of five study group times, subject to change based on demand. Zoom links will be sent in advance each week.

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