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The Yale Entrepreneurial Society & The Black Student Alliance at Yale present AMPLIFY's Inaugural Week: A Conversation with Asmau Ahmed, Founder of Plum Perfect, I am ( - coming soon), and Zak+Me ( - coming soon). Ahmed was also featured in Women@Forbes Under 30.

AMPLIFY is a 10-week speaker series highlighting the experiences, creations, triumphs, hardships, and learnings of Black entrepreneurs. Led by Yale Entrepreneurial Society and Harvard Ventures and in collaboration with Fordham, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Stanford, UPenn, and Vanderbilt, AMPLIFY’s mission is to educate, inspire, and pave new paths forward for underrepresented voices in entrepreneurship with each speaker hosted and with each conversation sparked as a result.

AMPLIFY Black Voices and mitigate racial inequity in entrepreneurship: sign up for more information on this event and future events in the series.  

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