Image of Beijing for webinar, "Bio & Health Innovation in China: R&D Focus Areas, Ecosystem Landscape, and Future Careers"

China is the second-largest healthcare market in the world and an emerging global healthcare innovation hub for biopharma, med-tech, healthcare services, and basic life-science research. Join a global audience to hear alumni leaders, live from China, offering an overview of the evolving innovation landscape, expanding career opportunities, perspectives on the future, and (iv) their personal stories.

The webinar panelists will be the CEO of a China-based pharmaceutical firm, a leading health and biotech investor, and a multinational medical device company executive. Xiaoyan Huang '91, vice chair of the YAA Board of Governors, will kick off the event.

Immediately after the panel discussion, the panelists and facilitator will make themselves available to current students, medical residents, and post-docs in small informal breakout sessions.

This event is presented by Careers, Life, and Yale and the Yale Bio+Tech alumni group.

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