Graphic for webinar, "Breast Cancer Biology, Technology, and Commercialization: A Bench to Bedside to Market Translational Story"

Biomedical research drives an increasingly individualized approach to cancer treatment, known as “precision oncology” for many cancers including breast cancer. While detection and increasingly effective treatments have lowered breast cancer mortality, women are still dying of recurrent metastatic breast cancer. Using new biological discoveries and technology to diagnose and treat recurrent breast cancer early and effectively is an important goal that is the focus of this webinar. Bringing scientific discoveries to the patient requires a bridge between biologic science, engineering, and business to guide new science from the bench to the clinic, and into a sustainable commercial platform.

In this session, you will learn how three Yale alumni have used their Yale background in molecular biology, physics, and economics to bring novel biology and technology to breast cancer patients and to industry.

The session will include discussions of progress in:

(1) understanding the biology of breast cancer recurrence after treatment & developing novel diagnostics to detect dormant breast cancer cells that lead to recurrence,

(2) using molecular imaging to diagnose recurrent breast cancer and directed targeted treatment, and

(3) commercializing new imaging drugs with the goal of FDA approval and widespread clinical availability.

The session will emphasize the translational process and the multi-disciplinary skill sets needed to navigate the pathway from the bench to the clinic.

The webinar will feature welcoming remarks from Dr. Jamie Wells '96, chair of the Yale Alumni Health Network; Dr. Sue Pepin '87, vice chair for YaleWomen; and Elaine Grobman, CEO of Susan G. Komen Philadelphia.

This webinar is brought to you in partnership with the Yale Alumni Health Network, University of Pennsylvania, Susan G. Komen Philadelphia, YaleWomen, and has been produced by the Yale Alumni Association Shared Interest Groups.

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