The Psychological Impact of COVID-19: Coping Strategies to Combat Stress

The coronavirus pandemic represents a severe global crisis, affecting physical and psychological health. Regulations imposed to counteract the rapid growth of COVID-19, mainly social restrictions, have represented a risk factor for developing depressive, anxious symptoms and other psychological ailments such as stress and fear. Those who treat individuals with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress strongly advocate that a healthy social and physical environment is critical for maintenance of balanced mental health. This interactive discussion will include small breakout sessions that will review coping strategies for alleviation of emotional stress brought on by the multiple complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. A review of resiliency techniques on how to cope with and adjust to the pandemic will be discussed. Recommendations such as increasing social interaction and support when safe, engaging in a wider variety of activities that foster a sense of mastery, including work will be highlighted. Key terms for thought: COVID-19, coping strategies, psychological well-being, resiliency, adverse factors, and connections. 


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