Re-emergence and Re-invention in the (Almost) Post-Covid Era

Topic: Re-emergence and Re-invention in the (Almost) Post-Covid Era

“Life and Personal Growth” is a new regular virtual series brought to you by Careers, Life, and Yale. In this episode, we welcome the Reverend David Messner '95 MBA.

"A year of pandemic living has been more about loss and added stress than opportunity for many of us," Messner said. "As a parish minister, people grant me a view on what navigating this time has meant. With that continuing dose of realism, I won’t be proposing some great silver lining to it all. I will be playing with the idea that as we crawl from our caves, ending involuntary hibernation, there may be some things that we can see and do differently in the light of the new day. My thesis is simple: We have resources we haven’t noticed and possibilities we haven’t taken seriously. Now might be our moment to get ready."

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