Webinar graphic, Despierta Boricua: Honoring Our Past, Igniting our Future Virtual 50th Anniversary Celebrating Puerto Rican Yalies

Despierta Boricua is honored to invite you to attend its 50th anniversary virtual celebration. Since 1971, Despierta Boricua has provided students of Puerto Rican heritage with a space to educate, celebrate, and motivate one another through the collective appreciation of our shared Puerto Rican identity.

The celebration is scheduled for Friday, March 12, and Saturday, March 13, via Zoom. The 50th anniversary celebration is a two-day program curated by the Despierta Boricua Planning Committee, with an audience composed of Yale students, alumni, and members of the Puerto Rican community from across the nation. Our goal is to celebrate the efforts of Puerto Rican students at Yale in cultivating their own space within the Yale community and establishing an important legacy in Yale’s history. As such, our event theme “Despierta Boricua: Honoring Our Past, Igniting Our Future” serves to highlight the struggles and successes of Puerto Rican Yalies in driving social, racial, and economic change on campus.

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